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Jessica Goldschmidt-Habyarimana

Sent from Basel-Holee Mennonite Church, Switzerland

I coordinate a life skills curriculum called WHY WAIT? and work in a youth camp ministry called 3D Christian Camps, based in Kigali, Rwanda. I am also involved in mobilising for mission.

Kigali, Rwanda

Children & Youth, Mobilising

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Bridget Howard

Sent from Holy Trinity; St Patrick’s, Wallington, Surrey

Until 2020, Bridget taught English to adults in conjunction with New Creation Ministries in Kigali, Rwanda. She also led the small team of AIM personnel in Rwanda, facilitating vision and direction to various members in their different ministries.

Kigali, Rwanda

Literacy & Language, Support & Pastoral Care

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Seb Allwright

Sent from Tadley United Reformed Church, Basingstoke

I am working as the Mobilising Coordinator for Central Region, seeking to mobilise nationals to reach the unreached in Africa. My role involves meeting church leaders, individuals and AIM members to envision ways to mobilise the church for mission.

Kampala, Uganda

Church Development, Support & Pastoral Care, Mobilising

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Marsali Campbell

Sent from Smithton Church, Inverness

I serve with Dwelling Places, providing healthcare for children living on the streets in Kampala and Karamoja.

Uganda, Kampala

Healthcare, Children & Youth

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Derek & Nerina Harborne

Sent from St Andrews Church, Leyland

We work at Mbarara University & Referral Hospital. Nerina researches and teaches in the Biochemistry Department; Derek is helping improve the Accident & Emergency service. We also help students with discipleship, Bible study and in how to be Christian professionals.

Mbarara, Uganda

Community Development, Healthcare, Mobilising

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Zillah Whitehouse

Sent from Above Bar Church, Southampton

I’m a physiotherapist in the local government hospital, where I’ve been involved in developing the first government physiotherapy degree programme in Uganda. I assist with course administration, deliver lectures to physiotherapy, medical and nursing students and treat hospital patients.

Mbarara, Uganda


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Ruth Mahood

Sent from Logie & St John’s (Cross) Parish Church, Dundee

I am currently in the UK on Study Leave. While I study, I assist with Africa Based Orientation, AIM’s three-week training programme for missionaries held in Kenya.

Support & Pastoral Care

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Kathleen Burns

Sent from Abbeyhill Baptist Church, Edinburgh

I work as the Medical Coordinator and Short Term Coordinator for AIM's Central Region.

Kampala and the Ssese Islands

Support & Pastoral Care, Mobilising

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Paul & Helen Shepherd

with Esme, Martha & Tabitha

Sent from St Clement's Church, Manchester

We work in Kotido, Uganda among the Karimojong, serving through healthcare whilst working with the local church.

Karamoja, Uganda

Church Planting, Outreach & Evangelism, Healthcare

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Sent from Action Biblique Church, Meinier, Switzerland

I am serving among the Fulani people of West Africa.

West Africa

Outreach & Evangelism, Healthcare

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Andrew Beckham

with Phoebe

Sent from Emmanuel Church, Bramcote

Until summer 2018 I was part of a focus team working among the Laarim people of South Sudan, with my wife Anna and daughter Phoebe.

Boya Hills, South Sudan

Church Planting, Healthcare

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Ard & Carin de Leeuw

with Boaz, Manoah, Amy and Juda

Sent from Vrije Evangelisatie Gemeente, Zwolle, the Netherlands

We live among the Laarim in South Sudan learning language and culture to share the gospel with them.

Kali, South Sudan

Church Planting, Outreach & Evangelism

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Sent from Woodgreen Evangelical Church, Worcester

I teach the children of cross-cultural Christian workers at Wellspring Academy in Chad.


Children & Youth, Support & Pastoral Care

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Annemarie Boks

Sent from Evangelische Gemeente Parousia in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

I am a Director of the Aids Awareness Program of CECA 20, the church in DR Congo with which AIM collaborates. I am focussing on organising workshops for pastors equipping them for their ministry among those living with HIV/Aids.

Adi, DR Congo

Church Development, Healthcare, Support & Pastoral Care

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Sent from St Giles Church, Northampton

I am working as a doctor in northern Chad, treating mentally ill and epileptic patients in church supported clinics. I live among an unreached people group and share life and, where possible the gospel with local ladies.

North Chad

Church Planting, Healthcare

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Owen & Miriam Pugh

with Ella, Charlie, Imani and Cerys

Sent from Bunyan Baptist Church, Stevenage

We work in a team among the Alagwa in Tanzania, using Bible stories in the mother tongue for evangelism and discipleship.

Ga/ara, Tanzania

Church Planting, Outreach & Evangelism

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Simon & Sue French

with Hannah and Jasmine 

Sent from Emmanuel Church, South Croydon

We work with the local Africa Inland Church primarily in reaching the Datooga. Our role also includes helping to facilitate a chronological Bible storying project in the Datooga language. From July we will be on home assignment in the UK.

Northern Tanzania

Outreach & Evangelism, Bible & Theology, Community Development

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Tony & Cath Swanson

Sent from Worthing Tabernacle Church

We work for AIM's International Office. Tony is AIM's African Mobilisation Consultant and Cath is AIM's Child Safety Officer.

Kampala, Uganda

Children & Youth, Mobilising

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Steve & Ruth Lancaster

Sent from Corsham Baptist Church, Wiltshire

We work with the Institute of Bible & Ministry under the Africa Inland Church Tanzania. Steve is involved in Bible teaching and Ruth handles administration and finance for the Institute and teaches English. Steve is Unit Leader for Tanzania East.

Morogoro, Tanzania

Bible & Theology, Support & Pastoral Care

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Matt & Amy Dixon

with Elia, Finley and Matilda

Sent from St David’s Church, Moreton-in-Marsh

We are currently in the UK on study leave. Before returning we worked with the Africa Inland Church in Tanzania (AICT) to manage the construction of the Sanga Sanga retreat centre and conference facilities.

Morogoro, Tanzania

Bible & Theology, Church Development

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Kathleen Quellmalz

Sent from Evangelical Lutheran Church, St Bartholomai, Treuen, Germany

I work with Safina Street Network in Dodoma, Tanzania. As Director, I seek to equip and guide staff in the various areas of the ministry and seek God’s will along with the leadership team for future development.

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Outreach & Evangelism, Children & Youth

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Andrea Hellemann

Sent from Evangelische Freie Gemeinde Pivitsheide e.V, Germany

I work at Safina Street Network serving the street children in Dodoma, Tanzania, providing meals, spiritual teaching and assistance with education, medical, legal, and social matters. Ministry is focused on outreach to children and helping to reintegrate children with their families.

Dodoma, Tanzania

Healthcare, Children & Youth

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Georgette Short

Sent from Viewfield Baptist Church, Dunfermline

I serve at Tilsley College in Motherwell, teaching and equipping students to be involved in mission.

Tilsley College, Motherwell

Bible & Theology, Mobilising

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Peter & Katy Wilson

with Daniel, Caleb and Levi

Sent from Charlotte Chapel, Edinburgh

We work at Titchie Swot, Rift Valley Academy’s primary school, an AIM-run school for missionary children. Peter is the Principal and Katy teaches fourth grade.

Rift Valley Academy, Kenya

Children & Youth, Support & Pastoral Care

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Martin & Joy Koch

Sent from Freie Evangelische Gemeinde, Giessen, Germany

We are working in Lchakwai, Kenya, seeking to reach the Samburu with the gospel and disciple believers. Our prayer is that a number of Samburu will commit their lives to Christ and a fellowship of believers will be formed.

Lchakwai, Samburu County

Church Planting, Outreach & Evangelism

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Pete & Libby Halestrap

with Finlay, Gabriel and Florence

Sent from St Leonard's Church, Exeter

We serve at Kijabe Hospital, Kenya with Pete overseeing the care of the outpatient & emergency departments as well as developing training programmes.

Kijabe, Kenya

Healthcare, Children & Youth

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Mark & Barbara Phippen

Sent from Christchurch South Cambs, Sawston

Mark & Barbara Phippen served long term with AIM from 2014-2019. Mark was a counsellor and Clinical Team Leader for Tumaini Counselling Centre in Nairobi, and Barbara taught English to pastors and their wives at Africa International University.

Cambridge, UK

Literacy & Language, Healthcare, Support & Pastoral Care

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Bruce & Jan Rossington

with Zoë, Martha & Joseph

Sent from Kensington Baptist Church, Bristol

We are based at Rift Valley Academy in Kijabe, Kenya. Jan teaches French and Bruce is Eastern Region’s Scripture Engagement Consultant.

Rift Valley Academy

Bible & Theology, Literacy & Language, Children & Youth

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Christoff & Sarah Power

with Isabelle, Esmé, Iris and Sebastian

Sent from Bridge Chapel, Liverpool

We work in AIM Southern Region’s office, based in Nairobi, Kenya. Chris is the Regional Administrative Officer and the Mayotte Unit Leader, and Sarah serves in Member Care and is a Coach for Southern Region.

Nairobi, Kenya

Support & Pastoral Care

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John & Alma Baker

with Anya and Micah

Sent from Christ Church Leyton

We are seeking to reach the unreached people of Mayotte with the gospel.


Church Planting, Outreach & Evangelism

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Sheona Chisholm

Sent from Chalmers Ardler Church, Dundee

Until recently, I served with Africa Based Support in Nairobi, Kenya. In October I will start volunteering with AIM in Scotland.


Support & Pastoral Care

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Barry & Heather Mann

Sent from Winchester Baptist Church

Barry & Heather work with Growing Nations in Maphutseng, Lesotho. Heather is the CEO and Barry works in Communications and they are Unit Leaders for Lesotho.

Maphutseng, Lesotho

Church Development, Community Development

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Claudia Middendorf

Sent from Baptist Church, Frankfurt

I am the Unit Leader for Mozambique. I support the AIM team and work to increase availablity of Christian literature in Mozambique.

Beira, Mozambique

Church Development, Support & Pastoral Care

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Tim & Beth Wood

with Jonathan and Sarah

Sent from Wolseley Road Gospel Hall, Plymouth

We serve at Sofala Bible Institute in Beira, Mozambique, and minister in a local church through discipleship and teaching.

Beira, Mozambique

Bible & Theology, Church Development, Literacy & Language

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Sent from New Life Church, Newcastle upon Tyne

I am passionate about mobilising the Mozambican church, that they may develop a global vision and a heart for the nations. I aim to build individual believers in their faith, and then equip and release them to be effective in making disciples making disciples.

Chimoio, Mozambique

Church Planting, Bible & Theology, Mobilising

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Inge Michel

Sent from Evangelical-Lutheran Church, Schaafheim, Germany

I work at the Seminário Teológico Evangélico de Nampula (INTENA) in Mozambique, where I teach and train pastors and church workers.


Bible & Theology, Women's Ministry

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Angelika Maader

Sent from ELC Albertshausen and Neuenmarkt, Germany

I am a teacher and counsellor at INTENA (Seminário Teológico Evangélico de Nampula), and work with PROFORTE in Nampula, Mozambique.

Nampula, Mozambique

Bible & Theology

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Karin Mende

Sent from Free Evangelical Church, Marburg, Germany

Karin works to train expats and local church workers in transformational development and culturally relevant church planting.

Antsirabe, Madagascar

Community Development

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Jurgen & Katja Hofmann

with Vanya, Issa, Abbey, Dani & Simeon

Sent from Evangelische Gemeente ‘De Ambassade’

The Hofmanns are based in Maroamboka, Madagascar, working on translating the Bible so they can communicate the gospel in the heart language of the local people.

Maroamboka, Madagascar

Church Planting, Outreach & Evangelism, Bible & Theology

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Mat & Katy Linley

with with Phoebe, Jonah and Barnaby

Sent from Sutton Bonington Baptist Church, Nottinghamshire

We are currently in the UK. In Autumn 2020 we will begin new assignments based in Kenya.

Kijabe, Kenya

Outreach & Evangelism, Healthcare, Support & Pastoral Care

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Alan & Pauline Jordan

Sent from Ross-on-Wye Baptist Church

We serve with the Africa Inland Church at the Northern Bible Training Centre in Marsabit, northern Kenya. Alan teaches at the Centre, and Pauline is the Administrator of the local AIC primary school.

Marsabit, Kenya

Bible & Theology, Literacy & Language

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Carrie Pither

Sent from St Peter's Bishop Waltham

I am AIM’s International Crisis Consultant. I am based in Nairobi, Kenya, although my role provides a service to the whole organisation, including AIM’s Sending and Receiving Regions worldwide.

Nairobi, Kenya

Support & Pastoral Care

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European Mobilisers

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Retired and past missionaries

Explore the work and ministry of our retired and previous missionaries and see how God has been working in Africa.

Church Planting, Outreach & Evangelism, Bible & Theology, Church Development, Women's Ministry, Literacy & Language, Community Development, Healthcare, Children & Youth, Support & Pastoral Care, Mobilising

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Caroline Bell

Sent from Monyhull Church, Kings Norton

I live with the Karimojong, seeking to share the gospel, so that they may truly know Jesus for themselves.


Church Planting

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Hervé & Nathalia Ramangalahy

with with Rija, Andry & Mialy

Sent from Église Évangélique de Meinier, Switzerland

We serve on a ministry team working among the Sakalava on the island of Nosy Be in Madagascar.

Nosy Be, Madagascar

Outreach & Evangelism

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