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Elle has joined a team on the Indian Ocean Islands, and will in due course hopefully begin medical ministry in a team setting.

When Elle became a Christian at a Gloddaeth camp in rainy north Wales, she was already planning to become a doctor; but God challenged her that while he loves us to serve people practically, the biggest need anyone has is hearing and accepting the gospel.

On her gap year in a Creative Access country, where it isn’t possible to publicly preach the gospel, Elle met Christians using ‘normal’ jobs to build relationships and share the good news. God gave her a heart for the people they were trying to reach: they are so difficult to get the message to, and face so many dangers if they accept it. Elle felt called to this work.

During medical school Elle stayed with an AIM team on an Indian Ocean island and worked in the hospital there. She saw God work in amazing ways: People wanted to talk about God, sought out the Bible, and even had dreams about Jesus. She wanted to go back as soon as possible.

Elle has now returned to the island to join the AIM team there. She will primarily work as a children’s doctor in the hospital and rural clinics, but her intention will be to make friends with staff and patients and share the essential truth of the gospel with them.

Could you partner with Elle in this work?

Latest Prayer News

Amelia leads a team serving in the Indian Ocean Islands. She asks for prayer for many opportunities for her team to share the gospel over Christmas. Please also pray that the team would be encouraged as they remember God’s steadfast love and sure salvation. 

Thank you for your prayers for Dawn to be able to return to the UK for Home Assignment. She has arrived safely and is glad for opportunities to re-connect with friends and family in the UK so far. Please pray for a good rest and time with family over Christmas, and for wisdom for Dawn in knowing what plans she can make for seeing her supporters in the New Year. 

Ruth works in the Indian Ocean Islands, seeking to share the gospel with people who have never had it explained to them. She hopes that Christmas will provide an opportunity to share more about her faith, and her language helper has agreed to help Ruth write the Christmas story in the local language. Please pray for Ruth’s language helper to be impacted by the gospel as she helps Ruth translate the Christmas story, and please pray that Ruth would find opportunities to share what Christmas means to her with local friends and neighbours. 

Kay leads a medical team in the Indian Ocean Islands. The team is currently waiting for approval from the local Director of Health before making plans to work with the local hospital. Please pray that discussions with the local authorities will go well, and that the team will be able to work together well with the local hospital. 

Ruth works in the Indian Ocean Islands, seeking to share the gospel with people who have never had it explained to them. Please pray for her as she continues to learn the local language and build relationships with those around her. Praise God for the friendships that she has been forming, and please pray that she will be ready to share her hope in Jesus with others. 


Indian Ocean Islands

These beautiful tropical islands are 99.9% Muslim and for security reasons we refer to this area as the ‘Indian Ocean Islands’ rather than naming individual islands. Islam is deeply rooted on these islands and to be an islander is to be a Muslim. There are a small number of believers on each island but many follow Jesus secretly for fear of rejection and persecution.



We long to see Health Professionals practising, modelling and mentoring competent, compassionate medicine, but doing so in places where they will influence unreached people groups for Christ. LEARN MORE
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