Behind the scenes at AIM Europe

To enable missionaries to be fruitful and effective in making Jesus known, we partner with churches to provide expertise and practical support, both on the mission field and at home.
The AIM Europe home support team do this in 4 main ways…

1. Caring for our members

We help churches support their missionaries spiritually, emotionally and practically, ensuring that missionaries are prepared for service through psychological assessments and are thriving on the field through regular debriefs. We also provide services that churches are often not able to provide, like travel and medical insurance, pensions and national insurance, as well as counselling services.

Featured behind the scenes:
Meet Kathryn - Personnel Administrator

“Sometimes I think mission is dismissed when we think we're not going to serve overseas, but actually regardless of where we are, one of the most powerful things we can do is to pray.”

Lindsey Davies - Communications Manager

2. Equipping people for prayer

We believe that all we do needs to be underpinned by prayer. We invite people to develop a rhythm of prayer with our daily prayer points, with up to date information about missionaries’ work and prayer needs. Our journal, Connect, allows people to grow on their own journey into mission as they read articles from Africans and missionaries, and consider their response to Scripture. A paper copy or a monthly email, Connect can be used alongside our children’s prayer resource, Connect Junior. We also create prayer resources on unreached people groups for people to use in personal prayer time, small groups or churches. 

3. Equipping and supporting people to go

Our priority is to serve and partner with churches to fulfil the Great Commission and advance the gospel among Africans who have the least opportunity to hear about Jesus. To do that effectively, we seek to encourage and educate churches so they can grow in their role of sending and supporting missionaries. We also seek to inspire individuals about God’s call on their lives, walking with them as they explore how and where God is leading them.

Featured behind the scenes:
Meet Debbie - Mobilisation Coordinator

“I joined AIM after working in a bank, because I wanted to use my finance skills to help our missionaries thrive on the field and enable them to take the gospel to those who desperately need to know Jesus.”

Ben Edwards - Finance Manager

4. Operations and fundraising

We believe that it’s important for the organisation to be run efficiently and effectively. The administrative structure that we have in place allows us to make sure that our funds are stewarded well, and that the organisation functions to fulfil our vision. This enables our missionaries to be strategically effective and accountable. Practically, that means we manage all the administration around missionary donations, provide missionaries with detailed budgets that cover everything they need for ministry, and share tools to help them fundraise.