Holly* has just begun a new ministry assignment in Kijabe Hospital, Kenya.

Until recently she has been serving in a creative access location, using her medical skills in a government hospital. She has been seeking to not only restore people to full health, but she was also  open in her witness with the aim of building relationships to share the hope of Jesus and see people restored in their relationship with their God.

That experience, along with language and culture knowledge will now be used by Holly in Kijabe hospital. Although situated not far from Nairobi, Kenya, in an area of Africa with many churches, Kijabe hospital is also used by many Africans who are from Muslim backgrounds, from unreached people groups. She will be able to use her ability to reach out to people from those backgrounds, as well as her medical skills as she seeks to share the gospel with those who have yet to hear it.

Could you partner with Holly in this work?

*Holly’s name has been changed due to the sensitivity of her previous assignment.

Latest Prayer News

Pete writes: “A few weeks ago, I was able to go and visit another hospital in Kenya called Kapsowar. The main purpose of visiting was to spend time with some other people from AIM who have been working there for decades, but it was also a chance to discuss the opportunity for them to host and train family medicine (GP) residents, and to see how they were progressing with their new hospital IT system, which is the same one that we are getting here in a few months’ time… Kapsowar is a smaller hospital than Kijabe and has far fewer consultant staff, but it was really encouraging to see the amazing work they are doing there. It was clear what an impact the hospital is having on the local community and I learnt many things from the people I met.” Praise God for the ministry of Kapsowar Hospital, and pray that they will continue to impact their local community for the gospel.

“Here in Kijabe we see a new cohort of trainees enter both the ECCCO programme and the post-graduate Family Medicine course each year, and Pete has recently been involved in interviewing a number of applicants for both new intakes. It is always an exciting yet humbling time, as he meets with many extraordinary individuals with incredible stories of perseverance, suffering, passion and commitment. Many have travelled far. Some have seen war, or hardship, or misery. All have made sacrifices. As they share their stories we see an overriding desire to receive good training in order that they might take their skills back and serve their people. It’s awe-inspiring to consider their dedication, and to begin to imagine the ripple effect that their training could really have…Meanwhile the third-year students also came together, but this time to present their plans for a research paper. It was encouraging to see all the residents performing so well, and to appreciate again their desire to serve those most in need, but with excellence…We are confident that these trainees will change the face of Kenyan medicine in the future and are excited to continue to see their growth. We look forward to witnessing what God has in store for them in the years to come.”

“Sadly this agreement (between the nursing union and the government) has recently broken down and the national nurses are back on strike, leading to greater pressure on our own hospital once more. We are seeing rising patient numbers in our already full wards and discouraged and overwhelmed staff who haven’t yet recovered from the effects of the last strike. Please pray for a swift resolution to this situation, and for energy and perseverance for those who stand in the gap and pick up the pieces of a broken system. Please also pray for new leadership in the hospital as they face the challenge of supporting the staff and continuing the process of rebuilding relationships and recapturing the vision of the hospital after a period of internal instability.”

“… just over a month ago some new and profound changes began to take place within the hospital… The process, which involved local strike action on top of an ongoing national doctors’ strike, kept life extremely busy, and so we were very thankful when Pete’s scheduled annual leave arrived, and with it the opportunity to welcome some more visitors to Kijabe… It’s always such a blessing to welcome guests and we really appreciate the fact that friends and family are willing to cross the globe to come and see us. Fresh eyes bring a fresh perspective and we are grateful for their interest, encouragement and love.” Praise God for the blessing that some time off and visits from loved ones were to the Halestrap family, and please pray for continued refreshment after a busy few months.

Pete & Libby have now returned to the UK for Home Assignment. “…as we pack up and begin the now-familiar process of transition, we find ourselves reflecting on our last few months and we are encouraged. Despite our fatigue it has been a full and exciting year so far and we are so thankful for the many blessings we’ve seen along the way. As well as a busy clinical load and his other leadership roles Pete has continued to be involved in various training and discipleship programmes. He has been encouraged by evidence of development and growth in a number of areas, both within the department and also within the individuals serving there… I’ve continued teaching in the pre-school and have run a ladies Bible study group, and in the midst of it all the children have continued to thrive, for which we are always so thankful.” Praise God for the encouragements that Pete & Libby have seen and please pray for a restful Home Assignment.


Kenya gained independence from Britain in 1963. Since then British tourism has been a key element of Kenya’s economy, however, unemployment, poverty and crime remain high. Whilst the majority religion is Christianity, Kenya’s ethnic diversity and vast countryside means there are still many unreached with the gospel. LEARN MORE


We long to see Health Professionals practising, modelling and mentoring competent, compassionate medicine, but doing so in places where they will influence unreached people groups for Christ. LEARN MORE
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