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Paul and Helen will be moving to the Sahel region in French-speaking West Africa in 2022.

Until mid-2020, Paul and Helen served in Karamoja, the poorest region in Uganda. The Karimojong who live there carry the stigma of having the lowest status among Ugandans. They live traditional cattle-herding lives in small communities scattered across a harsh landscape. The villages – manyattas – are surrounded by dense walls of sticks to prevent cattle raising and to keep outsiders out.

Paul and Helen lived with their team in Kotido, northern Karamoja, and worked with the Church of Uganda. Helen helped to run the church health centre in Kotido, treating and praying with patients, training and mentoring staff to deliver Christ-centred healthcare, as well as doing some admin. She was also involved with the youth choir and youth Bible study at the church in town, helping to inspire the youth to proclaim Christ in all they do.

Paul did a little medicine in the government health centre in town, but spent most of his time discipling rural church leaders and believers. This involved teaching the Bible in ways oral learners could understand, helping believers to create local Scripture-based songs and equipping leaders of small churches.

As they consider their move to West Africa, they are aware that their new region has few Christians, small numbers of churches and large numbers of mainly Muslim people groups. This is sadly combined with political insecurity, poverty and poor health infrastructure. With the few Christians and churches there are huge numbers of people in in those countries who have no access to the good news of Jesus Christ, many will never hear of him. However, there are some indigenous churches and Christians who are striving hard to share the gospel, and among some people groups they are beginning to see some fruit.

The task is big, with huge numbers without the gospel and exploding populations. Paul and Helen’s roles initially will be to begin to lay the foundation for AIM ministry. They will be listening to and building relationships with local churches and agencies on the ground, beginning to understand the history and culture, finding out what the Lord is already doing in the region and seeking to be led by his spirit in all they do. They will then be better able to partner with the local churches and begin to explore long term ministry options. They hope to continue to use their medical skills in whatever ministry they do.

In the meantime, before they reach West Africa, they will spend the 2021-2022 academic year improving their French at a language school in France. There is little English spoken in the region and they want to ensure as a whole family they can engage in the community from early on. In France, the girls are going to local school and Paul and Helen will attend language classes.

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Latest Prayer News

Paul and Helen are currently in France with their children, learning French ahead of a move to West Africa. Please keep praying for their French learning, they are giving thanks that they have seen improvement and have learnt a lot since September. Now they only have six weeks of classes left so pray they can learn in these the things that are really needed to give them the best start in West Africa. 

Paul and Helen are currently in France for language school in preparation for serving in West Africa later this year. Praise God for progress in learning French for the whole family, and for the opportunity Paul recently had to join Gilles from the AIM France office in sharing about AIM at a Bible college near Paris. Please pray that the family’s French skills will continue to improve, and that they would have opportunities to share the gospel with others in French. 

Paul and Helen are thankful for a good first term at language school in France. Please pray for the whole family as they continue to learn French in preparation for moving to West Africa later this year. Pray for perseverance when learning French is slow, tiring or difficult; and please also pray for the family as they begin to plan to move to West Africa. 

Praise God that Paul and Helen’s visas were granted, and that they are now at language school in France. Please pray for the whole family as they settle into life in France and look for a church to belong to. Pray that God will enable Paul and Helen to learn French well, and that Esme, Martha and Tabitha will have a good start to school. 

Please pray that Paul and Helen’s visas will be granted so that they can go to language school in France this summer, in preparation for service among an unreached people group in West Africa. Pray that as they wait Paul and Helen will trust in God’s perfect timing. 

West Africa

When AIM’s ministry began in East Africa the Lord was already at work in West Africa so until recently AIM was not engaged in ministry there. However, in the last few years, a concern has grown for the Muslim countries of West Africa, given that we are committed as an organisation to see Christ-centred churches among all African peoples. LEARN MORE

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