Nick and Erica Hemeren

Nick, Erica and their two sons, Levi and Silas, have been called by the Lord to serve in missionary aviation in East Africa. They are currently preparing stateside before they move across the ocean.

They are eager to serve those in Africa who haven’t heard the name of Jesus, and to share the love and grace of Christ that has been shown to them.

Latest Prayer News

Lisa Flach is a short term missionary serving in discipleship in the Hurri Hills in Kenya. Recently she and other team members visited a family whose husband had recently died. The death of the husband in a family can be particularly devastating for families in the area because of the husband’s role as protector and provider. Please pray that Christians will be able to speak sensitively to those who suffer such devastation about how God is our protector and provider who we can never be separated from. 

Praise God that Rift Valley Academy (RVA) successfully sent its students home at the end of term last weekend with only 12 hours’ notice of a new lockdown in Kenya. Please pray that the students will enjoy spending the holidays with their families; and pray for wisdom for the staff at RVA as they plan for the rest of the school year. Please also pray for Kenya as the country experiences a third wave of Covid-19 infection alongside a current shortage of oxygen tanks and intensive care beds in hospitals.

“The Kenyan government recently allowed certain grades to return to school. Like many other countries this coincided with a spike in the number of Covid cases. The plan is for a full staged return in the next few weeks. It is still our hope however that come January we will be able to open as we are still spread all over the globe. We’re currently putting together protocols for what life will look like when we bring staff and kids back… We are in the process of surveying our student body to determine how many will return. We expect there to be a large number with many families already returning to their ministries having taken this time for a home assignment…” Please pray for Peter, Katy and the rest of the staff at RVA as they continue to make plans for the school to return to in-person teaching.

“As we’re still online there are no students except for the 20 plus staff kids. We heard that the government are proposing an October start for some schools instead of the initially proposed January start. Our hope would be that this makes our plans to start in January more likely. All schools need to fill in a lot of paperwork and be given approval and so a lot of time and effort is going into creating protocols for everyone to follow should we be allowed to return.” Please pray for the staff team at Titchie Swot and Rift Valley Academy as they work to get the right things in place for students to be able to return safely in January.

“Please pray for those in AIM’s Southern Region who are planning to travel back to their country of service. After long delays they are keen to get ‘home’ to Madagascar, the Indian Ocean Islands and Mozambique. Pray that our teams and workers would continue to experience God’s provision and presence during this challenging season; that they would see him move in the many unreached corners of Africa.”


Kenya gained independence from Britain in 1963. Since then British tourism has been a key element of Kenya’s economy, however, unemployment, poverty and crime remain high. Whilst the majority religion is Christianity, Kenya’s ethnic diversity and vast countryside means there are still many unreached with the gospel. LEARN MORE

Support, Logistics & Pastoral Care

Seeing unreached people reached is fruit of the body of Christ in action. That can mean pilots, qualified counsellors, administrators, photographers all helping and supporting the task of making Jesus known. LEARN MORE
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Jack went to serve among the Gabbra in northern Kenya. He says… “I have come away with a new heart for mission, and a burden for unreached people that need Jesus and do not yet know him. I pray with renewed energy and eagerness for missionaries in the field and the calling of new workers.”


A most exciting time…

In 1971 Katie MacKinnon went to Kenya. Later the same year, national church leaders took over the running of the Africa Inland Church from the Africa Inland Mission. This marked a transition for AIM and acknowledged the growth of the African church.