Jurgen and Katja Hofmann

Vanya, Issa, Abbey, Dani and Simeon

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The Hofmann family have lived among the Tanala people of Madagascar since 2015. They began their ministry by studying the local dialect and culture so they can communicate the gospel in the heart language of the people. They have already translated 40 Bible stories in Tanala language. They are now using these stories to tell the gospel from village to village, and are working on translating the books of Luke and Acts.

It is the Hofmanns’ passion to tell the good news of Jesus Christ to those who have never heard; to give them the chance to believe and be saved; to see lives – a country – transformed.

The Tanala are among the least reached people groups and are eager to hear the gospel. On the most recent survey the elders of a village expressed: ‘If the Bible is good news our people need to hear it!’ And then: ‘When will you come?’

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Latest Prayer News

Jurgen and Katja Hofmann serve among the Tanala in Madagascar. Recent months of busy ministry and difficult events such as Cyclone Batsirai and the damage it has caused to their village have led the family to need to spend some time away to recover. Please pray that their time away would give them the rest and refreshment they need. 

Jurgen and Katja Hofmann work among the Tanala in Madagascar. They are grateful that they were able to return to Madagascar last January because of the practical help they have been able to give to those around them in Maroamboka. Local people worry about whether they will be able to eat the next day; small accidents can quickly become life-threatening; malaria and parasitic infections are prevalent and they see severe malnourishment in babies. Please pray for wisdom for the Hofmanns to know how best they can show God’s love and serve those around them in a sustainable way. 

Jurgen and Katja Hofmann work among the Tanala in Madagascar. On their last visit to the capital Antananarivo, they met another missionary family who know a lot of people around Maroamboka where the Hofmanns are based. The father of the family, Marcel, had lots of ideas about how ministry could grow in the area. Please pray for wisdom and discernment for Jurgen and Katja as they think about how their ministry in Maroamboka could develop. 

Jurgen and Katja Hofmann work among the Tanala in Madagascar. The Tanala translation of Luke’s gospel has been in high demand with local people, and there also appear to be four other people groups who can also understand the Tanala language. Please keep praying that God will use this translation to bring many people to faith in Jesus. 


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