Jurgen and Katja Hofmann

Vanya, Issa, Abbey, Dani and Simeon

Sent from Evangelische Gemeente ‘De Ambassade’

The Hofmann family have lived among the Tanala people of Madagascar since 2015. They began their ministry by studying the local dialect and culture so they can communicate the gospel in the heart language of the people. They have already translated 40 Bible stories in Tanala language. They are now using these stories to tell the gospel from village to village, and are working on translating the books of Luke and Acts.

It is the Hofmanns’ passion to tell the good news of Jesus Christ to those who have never heard; to give them the chance to believe and be saved; to see lives – a country – transformed.

The Tanala are among the least reached people groups and are eager to hear the gospel. On the most recent survey the elders of a village expressed: ‘If the Bible is good news our people need to hear it!’ And then: ‘When will you come?’

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Latest Prayer News

Praise God that the Antanala translation of Luke’s gospel is finished! Jurgen and Katja Hofmann work among the Tanala, and Jurgen has given the first printed copy to Doris and Alphossin, a couple who pastor a small church in one of the local villages. Jurgen and Katja hope to be able to print more copies when they travel to the capital in July. Please pray that more copies will be able to be printed. Pray for Jurgen and Katja, and Doris and Alphossin, as they use it in their ministry among the Tanala and that through it God will call many to faith in Jesus. 

Praise God that Jurgen and Katja Hofmann and their children were able to return to Madagascar on a humanitarian flight in January. Among the challenges of re-adjusting to life among the Tanala again, they have been encouraged by the news that while they were away the Tanala translation of Luke and Acts have been almost finished and one church has grown from 15 to at least 60 new believers! Praise God for these encouragements, and pray that the Hofmann family will be faithful witnesses to those around them and an encouragement to local believers.

Entering Madagascar remains difficult due to Covid-19. This means that some missionaries keen to start, or return to service, are unable to enter the country. Pray particularly for the Hofmann family from the Netherlands who are trying to return to ministry among the Tanala. 

The Hofmanns are currently on Home Assignment in the Netherlands. “In general, we just continue with what we normally do. The children do not have a summer holiday like most children in the Netherlands. That is not as sad as you might think. It is impractical to stick to the normal Dutch school holidays because we travel back and forth a lot. Katja tries to adapt the schedule to the situation as much as possible. That way, the children don’t have to panic because they don’t finish their work before the holiday starts… Jurgen is digitising the gospel of Luke in the Tanala dialect. This is quite difficult to do. He cannot go into the village to ask how to pronounce a certain word. The Tanala dialect is still largely unwritten. Jurgen writes the words phonetically but that is not an easy job.” Please pray for the Hofmann family as they ‘work’ from home. Pray for Katja as she teaches their children at home, and for Jurgen as he works on translating Luke’s gospel remotely.

The Hofmanns are currently on Home Assignment in the Netherlands. “We, as a missionary family, are not unknown to the lifestyle we have now. We are fairly isolated in Maroamboka and are therefore somewhat used to it… we follow the situation on Madagascar with sorrow and concern in our hearts… Most homes in large cities are not affordable, so the whole family lives in one room… Because of the (often) bad conditions in which people live, even young people are vulnerable… one-sided nutrition and unhygienic homes plagued by rats and parasites are a recipe for a weak immune system. In addition, many Malagasy are simply terrified and have a very fatalistic attitude… [We would love them to] realise that the Almighty is not far away but has come to the world to save it. Saving from Corona? Saving from the plague? Possibly, but I’m more thinking about the boldness that comes with the confidence that Jesus has saved you for eternity.”


Madagascar. The world’s fourth biggest island boasting flora and fauna that exist nowhere else on earth. 92% of the population exist on less than £2 per day. 41% of the population identify with Christianity, 7% with Islam, the majority follow Traditional African Religions. LEARN MORE

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