Claudia Middendorf

Sent from Baptist Church, Frankfurt

Claudia is the Unit Leader for Mozambique. She supports the AIM team and works to increase availability of Christian literature in Mozambique.

She began serving with AIM in Mozambique as a church worker in 1987, before working as a literature developer in 1997. As Unit Leader for the region, she works to encourage, support and help AIM’s mission partners; make sure that legal and administrative requirements are being met; liaise with local churches and like-minded organisations; and aid work on producing Christian literature in Mozambique.

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Latest Prayer News

Until recently, Claudia Middendorf was AIM’s Unit Leader for Mozambique. She has recently arrived in Germany for her Home Assignment. Please pray for Claudia as she adjusts to being back in Germany for the first time in several years, where things are very different from Mozambique. Please pray for good rest, and that she will be able to regain her strength and energy before returning to the mission field in the autumn. 

Claudia Middendorf is AIM’s Unit Leader for Mozambique. She is currently handing over her Unit Leader responsibilities to Marcelo, and will also be available to Marcelo to give advice and support until she goes on Home Assignment next year. Praise God for Marcelo’s willingness to take over Unit leadership from Claudia, and please pray for a good handover and that Marcelo will serve AIM’s missionaries in Mozambique well. 

Praise God that Claudia Middendorf has firm plans for vacation in October. Please pray that all would go well, for good health, protection and good physical, mental and emotional rest. Pray that she will return from her vacation refreshed. 

Claudia Middendorf serves as Unit Leader for AIM in Mozambique. Please pray for Claudia, as the Covid-19 pandemic has meant that she has been unable to take annual leave and have a proper break. Pray that in God’s timing some time off will be possible, and in the meantime that her rest days will give her the refreshment she needs.

“Churches and also many pastors have struggled with the thought that no more church services have been allowed to take place. For many believers, the service is the only place where they get spiritual nourishment. Bible study alone or with the family is rare… But need is the mother of invention and many have now realised that you can also hear from God outside of the service. Ordinary church members were amazed when they realised that they could read God’s word themselves and pass it on to their families or small groups. As missionaries we try to encourage personal and family Bible reading through Bible study plans or regular text messages. We are encouraged by what God has done and is doing. Thank God for all those who are reading the Bible in their families for the first time and are learning a lot.”


Since independence from Portugal in 1975 Mozambique was battered by civil war, economic woes and famine. Since peace in 1992 though, the country has developed one of the world’s fastest growing economies. Many are still unreached with the gospel and 17% of the country practice Islam. LEARN MORE

Church Development

We hope that our church development work with local African churches will lead them to be centres of hope and love that draw more people to Jesus. LEARN MORE
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