Kathleen Burns

Sent from Abbeyhill Baptist Church, Edinburgh

Kathleen’s AIM story began in 1998 when she worked as a Paediatric Nurse in Kuluva Hospital in northern Uganda. After spending two years at the hospital, Kathleen studied at All Nations Christian College for two years before applying for long term service with AIM. She began serving in the Ssese Islands on Lake Victoria in 2004.

When Kathleen first started working on the Islands she was mainly involved in helping facilitate health care for those infected with HIV/Aids on the mainland. In Uganda the national prevalence rate is said to be around 7.4% whereas on the Islands the prevalence rate is reported to be around 30%. There are many problems on the Islands, and these problems are exacerbated by traditional beliefs that attribute illness to witchcraft, further breaking down trust within families and communities and covering up the true causes of disease.

On the Ssese Islands Kathleen was primarily involved in caring for adults and children suffering with HIV/Aids, as well as many other tropical and communicable diseases. This work involved helping people to access good medical care on the mainland. She was also involved in health education and in training pastors and other community members in Community Health Evangelism.

Since October 2019 Kathleen has served as the Health Coordinator for AIM’s Central Region. This involves caring for, and helping, AIM’s missionaries to access the best healthcare possible when they need it, as well as giving some simple health education for those working in remote areas.

Besides this, she is also engaged in discipleship, and in training and mobilising Africans to mission. As part of this she participates in the Nurses’ Christian Fellowship in Kampala, and she is hoping to become more involved in mentoring and discipling nurses who are part of the Fellowship.

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Latest Prayer News

Kathleen Burns has recently returned to the UK on leave. She hopes to receive her first Covid-19 vaccination while she is in the UK, and her return to Uganda will depend on what vaccine she receives and when, so please pray for God’s hand to be over this process and wisdom for Kathleen as to when to return to Uganda. 

As well as serving as AIM Central Region’s Short Term Coordinator, Kathleen Burns is looking to spend some of her time being involved in healthcare. Please pray that God would guide Kathleen to the right healthcare work in the right place.

“… I am definitely feeling more settled and more confident in this new role [as Short Term Coordinator]. There is still so much to learn, so please continue to pray for me… We had quite a few short termers who had planned to come to Central Region this year but due to the Covid pandemic, they have had to delay. A few of them have had to cancel their trip completely but others are just waiting for the situation to settle. In some ways, not having the new short termers come has allowed me time to learn the administration part of my new role, which has been great. However, I am really keen to begin receiving these short termers on the field and to begin putting names to faces.” Please pray for Kathleen as she continues to get to grips with her role as Short Term Coordinator, and for the many short term missionaries who are waiting for their assignments to start.

 “…when I returned to Kampala in October last year, I was going to be involved with mobilisation as well as taking on the role as Central Regions Health Coordinator… [In February] I was asked if I would consider taking on the role as Central Regions Short-term Coordinator. This role involves being the liaison person between AIM’s mobilising offices (Asia Pacific, Canada, Europe, Korea, South Africa, South America and USA) and the Central Region’s leadership. It involves looking at what opportunities and placements are available, connecting them to the appropriate Unit Leaders, and supporting them as they prepare to come to the field. It sometimes involves planning their orientation programme and continuing to support them during their placement and time in Africa and then as they return home… Please pray for me as I begin this new journey. Learning a new role during a pandemic certainly has its challenges!”

“I have enjoyed settling into my new role as the Health Coordinator for Central Region. Over the past few months I have “enjoyed” caring for some of our missionaries who have required medical attention. It has also been helpful to make new contacts with various medical professionals. It has been so good to reconnect with the Nurses Christian Fellowship (NCF) here in Kampala. Sylvia (chair of NCF Uganda) is such a beautiful person, inside and out, she is a nurse and has a real heart for missions and longs to see more nurses growing in love for God, God’s word, God’s people of every ethnicity and culture, and God’s purposes in the world. Please pray for Sylvia as she seeks the Lord and His will for NCF Uganda.”


80% of Uganda is engaged in agriculture. The healthy economy of the 1960s was crippled in 1972 by the expulsion of the Asian business community, and then virtually destroyed by tyranny and wars. It has steadily improved since 1992. Under previous government regimes there were restrictions on persecuted Christians, but there is now freedom of religion. LEARN MORE

Support, Logistics & Pastoral Care

Seeing unreached people reached is fruit of the body of Christ in action. That can mean pilots, qualified counsellors, administrators, photographers all helping and supporting the task of making Jesus known. LEARN MORE


We long to see Health Professionals practising, modelling and mentoring competent, compassionate medicine, but doing so in places where they will influence unreached people groups for Christ. LEARN MORE
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