28 October 2013 // News

Dwell among us

Praise God for Kathleen Burns’ new house and her willingness to not just go to, but live on the Ssese Islands and serve the people there.

For several years Kathleen Burns has been working with the fishing communities on the Ssese Islands in Uganda’s Lake Victoria, travelling by boat from her base in Kampala. Recently, construction was completed of a house for her to live on Buyuvu (one of the islands).


Kathleen Burns new house

She writes: ‘I was out at Buyuvu. We had just finished one of our training sessions and some of the pastors wanted to see my (newly constructed) house. We walked over and as they looked through the house one of the pastors looked at me and said, “Kathleen we are so happy and thankful that God has provided for you. Now we know that you really love us; you are coming to stay with us”.’