Ruth Mahood

Ruth is currently in the UK on Study Leave, but before this she worked among the Karimojong in Uganda. Through work within healthcare and the local church, she worked to make Jesus known among this unreached people group. While she studies Ruth assists with Africa Based Orientation (ABO), AIM’s three week training programme for new missionaries held in Kenya.

Ruth left her work amongst the Karimojong in 2017 for health reasons. As God slowly healed the physical and emotional wounds he also guided her to a different area of ministry. In 2019 Ruth began studying for a qualification in counselling. God has given Ruth a vision to, in the future, use counselling to support missionaries to thrive where God has called them.

When Ruth began serving among the Karimojong she thought she would walk down rural roads in Uganda for many years to come. God had other plans and closed the door to serving in Uganda, which was hard to understand. But through serving at ABO Ruth is part of a team who support, encourage and equip many others for service along the African roads God has called each of them to walk.

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Latest Prayer News

Ruth Mahood is currently in the UK on Study Leave, training to be a counsellor. While in the UK, she intended to help to run AIM’s Africa Based Orientation (ABO) but the Covid-19 pandemic has prevented that recently. The next ABO is planned for July; please pray that whether or not Ruth is able to serve because of travel restrictions she will be able to trust in God’s sovereign control and purpose.

Ruth is currently in the UK on Study Leave. While she studies, Ruth has been assisting with Africa Based Orientation (ABO), AIM’s three-week training programme for missionaries held in Kenya. “I had anticipated that I would be in Kenya when I sent this letter. However, the ABO that was due to take place in July/August was cancelled. Many African countries continue with differing levels of lockdown and many continue to keep their borders closed… There are also many missionaries who have had to change plans for their Home Assignments and families who have been separated since lockdown began. There are those who were preparing to return to Africa after Home Assignment who sit and wait for when they can return and those preparing to go for the first time waiting for the green light to book flights. At present there has been no decision on when the next ABO will run. So I wait patiently to hear when I will next be able to serve in Kenya. Pray for African countries as they manage the virus. Pray for missionaries who are under various levels of lockdown and restrictions and those who wait to be able to travel home to see family and friends. Pray that God’s word would continue to be proclaimed despite these restrictions. Pray for those missionaries who are waiting to travel to Africa. With so much uncertainty pray for wisdom for AIM leadership as they plan for the future.”

Ruth Mahood is currently on Study Leave in the UK. “In July I had a great time at ABO helping Sonya as she coordinated the training of new AIM mis­sionaries. It was a privilege to be able to serve in this role and have a small part in supporting over 20 new missionaries and their children in what was for many, their first weeks in Africa… All those who attended the training are now at their ministry locations or are completing language study prior to heading to places across Africa. A large number of those who attended ABO have gone to serve at Rift Valley Academy (RVA). RVA is a boarding school in Kenya and people have gone to serve there as teachers, dorm parents and in many other roles that are needed on a busy campus. Remember them as they all settle into their new roles. Others are now serving with AIM Air and will fly missionaries and supplies to remote locations. While others have gone to unreached people groups to live and through the building of relationships show the love of God in their new communities. Praise God for ABO and all the new missionaries who are starting out in service in Africa. Remember them as they transition and get to grips with language, culture and their roles. Please pray for [the current] ABO [15th October-5th November]: remember Sonya as she prepares and leads the next training in October. Pray for energy for myself and all the leaders and participants. Pray for health for everyone while there (tummy trouble often hits many).”

Ruth is currently in the UK on Study Leave. “The last time I wrote I said I was praying that God would enable me to ‘dream big’ again. God has answered those prayers. As the months moved on I began to think what the future might hold and began to dream. I am thankful to God for the healing that has brought me to the point that I can dream again. I went down to Nottingham at the beginning of June and met with staff from the office. I then had meetings and talked through future options. In those discussions it was felt there was a directing towards Counselling. The next step towards this mean studying towards a Diploma in Counselling, this study would be with a view, when I have the necessary experience, to return to Africa to serve at Tumaini Counselling Centre.” Please pray for these plans and the Counselling course that Ruth will start in September. Ruth also asks that we pray for the work at Tumaini, the staff there as they support missionaries, and for more people to serve there. You can find more information about serving at Tumaini at

Ruth is in the UK on Medical Leave. “Last week I spent some time at AIM Europe’s headquarters in Nottingham… It was helpful during the meetings to reflect on the past 18 months and all that has happened in that time. We also talked through what the future might look like. From a health point of view I am not in a position to return to Africa at present. So as I wait for healing and refreshing, God has opened up opportunities to study and gain knowledge and skills that will be of benefit in the future. I have begun a course of theological study, a counselling skills course and a biblical counselling course. As I continue with these studies I will have a period of Study Leave with AIM. The future isn’t clear but as I take the next six-to-eight months to study and await medical clearance I am continuing to seek God and pray that he would allow me to dream big again as to what the future might hold… Please pray for wisdom in how I spend my time and as I get to grips with studying; and for God’s continued healing and direction, and that I would continue to have patience to walk at his pace.”

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