Annette* serves on a team in East Africa that works with an unreached people group living in a predominantly Muslim culture.

Annette*’s interest in global mission was sparked from repeatedly hearing about and seeing global mission in action at her church.

In 2013, she attended AIM’s Into Africa day and since then God has been nurturing her faith and desire to serve him. God has used her short term trips with AIM, different life experiences, and a lot of people to shape and mature her understanding of global mission.

In summer 2021 God opened up an opportunity for Annette to join a team in East Africa working with an unreached people group living in a predominantly Muslim culture. For a number of years now, the team has been living in and serving their community by engaging in community health projects. Through building relationships, training and coaching, local people are gaining health skills that enable them to care for their communities. The team are members of the local church and partner with fellow believers to share the hope of Jesus.

The focus of Annette’s initial two years with the team will be building relationships, learning and adjusting to the language and culture. She will also engage with the training curriculum set out for the team and will be learning about the community health projects. 

*name has been changed for security reasons

Latest Prayer News

Last weekend Annette flew to her first assignment and is currently in self-isolation before travelling to join the rest of her team later this week and beginning her homestay with a local family to start learning the local language and culture. Please pray for Annette as she settles into a new team, location, culture and ministry. 

Please pray for Annette as she delays beginning her assignment for a couple of months in order to receive her second Covid-19 vaccination and continue final preparations to begin ministry. Pray that God will help her to trust in his timing and purpose, and equip her to be ready to serve in East Africa.

Please pray for Annette* as she prepares to join her team in East Africa in May. Please pray for protection against Covid-19 infection, and that she will be able to say goodbye to friends and family as well as possible before she travels.

*Annette’s name has been changed to protect local Christians and others ministering with her.

“I am thankful to God and encouraged by the support from church members for me joining the team we’ve been exploring in East Africa. Praise God that the team are keeping going and being sustained on the field. Praise God that they are starting to return to some of the things that had been put on hold because of the pandemic.”


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Community Development

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