Simon and Miriam Desborough


Sent from Gateway Church, York

Simon and Miriam are preparing to serve in Antananarivo, Madagascar, after having studied Biblical and Intercultural Studies at All Nations Christian College. Before this, Simon was a secondary school teacher, and Miriam was a nurse. Simon has taken up an exciting opportunity in Diaspora ministry in the East Midlands, and Miriam is volunteering alongside him.

Taking the good news of Jesus to Africa’s hardest to reach people does not always mean a move to Africa. Today, millions of Africans live outside Africa. Reaching out to these populations is called diaspora ministry. AIM’s Diaspora workers serve in strategic communities where significant populations of ethnic Africans live, and we seek partnerships with Christ-centred, biblically-based churches. Working in cooperation with these churches, AIM missionaries such as Simon and Miriam have a unique opportunity to build relationships and share the hope of Christ with people groups we would not normally have the opportunity to work among.

When they serve in Madagascar, the Desboroughs’ primary role will be to mobilise Malagasy Christians for God’s mission. They are convicted of the need to invest in Malagasy churches in the capital and encourage them to send missionaries to preach the holistic gospel of Christ in other areas of the country and overseas. By developing partnerships with a range of churches and organisations, they aim to raise awareness of the need for mission. It is then vital to ensure that churches and prospective missionaries have high quality mission training, and that their deployment is well facilitated.

A core tenet of AIM is to minister among Africa’s least reached peoples, therefore they are resolved to engage the unreached Gujarati people that reside in Madagascar. Through business, the Gujarati have amassed a large proportion of the wealth in Madagascar. The Desboroughs hope initially to network with existing Christian businesses in order to connect and develop relationships with the Gujarati, seeking creative ways to proclaim the gospel.

With her healthcare expertise as a nurse, Miriam aims to serve vulnerable women in Madagascar. Working with existing charities, she intends to offer the hope and restoration found only in Jesus to the many trafficked and trapped women working in the sex industry.

Latest Prayer News

While Simon and Miriam Desborough are preparing to serve in Antananarivo, Madagascar, they are serving in Diaspora ministry in the UK with a local church. They have now reached the halfway point of their time serving in Diaspora ministry and praise God for how he has made their work fruitful. Please pray that God will continue to bless their work, and that they will continue to be an encouragement to the local church and help envision all members to play their part in God’s mission in the local area. 

While Simon and Miriam Desborough are preparing to serve in Antananarivo, Madagascar, they are serving in Diaspora ministry in the UK with a local church. Praise God that the church has been continuing to make connections with the local community in different ways. The Queen’s upcoming Platinum Jubilee in the summer has also created an opportunity for the church to be involved in planning a celebration event for the community. Please pray that through the Jubilee celebrations the church will serve the community well and be able to speak to people of Jesus. 

Cyclone Batsirai hit Madagascar late last Saturday (6th), the second cyclone to hit the island in two weeks. With at least 10 people dead and more than 43,000 people displaced, the storm has caused much destruction to roads, bridges, fields and crops and buildings. Pray for the relief efforts, and for those affected by the cyclone.

While Simon and Miriam Desborough are preparing to serve in Madagascar, they are serving in Diaspora ministry in the East Midlands with a local church. Give thanks for the safe arrival of their first child, a daughter called Sienna, last Tuesday. Pray for Simon and Miriam as they embark on this new journey of parenthood, and balance the demands of ministry with family life. 

While Simon and Miriam Desborough are preparing to serve in Antananarivo, Madagascar, they are serving in Diaspora ministry in the East Midlands. They are seeking to build relationships with diaspora peoples living in the local area and encourage the church that they are partnering with. Please pray for wisdom and guidance for the Desboroughs as they discern which relationships and opportunities to get involved in. 


Madagascar. The world’s fourth biggest island boasting flora and fauna that exist nowhere else on earth. 92% of the population exist on less than £2 per day. 41% of the population identify with Christianity, 7% with Islam, the majority follow Traditional African Religions. LEARN MORE

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We hope that our church development work with local African churches will lead them to be centres of hope and love that draw more people to Jesus. LEARN MORE
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