Inge Michel

Sent from Evangelical-Lutheran Church, Schaafheim, Germany

Inge works at the Instituto Teológico Evangélico de Nampula (INTENA) in Mozambique, where she teaches and trains pastors and church workers.

She has been serving with AIM in Mozambique since 1991, working with the local church to train and disciple church workers and pastors.

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Latest Prayer News

At the beginning of January our Vice Director and his wife celebrated their silver wedding anniversary, with a renewal of their wedding vows. It was not only a celebration for the couple and their family, but also for the community and their guests, among them teachers and students of INTENA. It was a wonderful testimony to faithfulness and God’s blessing, encouraging others to seek God’s will in marriage instead of quickly separating when there are problems.” Praise God for this couple’s example of godly marriage, and pray that it will encourage others to seek to build marriages that display God’s goodness and character.

“Under the umbrella organisation PROFORTE, Bible schools had the opportunity last year to help pastors and church workers to prepare better and better serve their churches through a course of books. Along with the books, seminars are held to introduce the different topics. INTENA has invited various students and pastors to the course so that many can benefit from it, and at the same time we hope it will awaken an interest in Biblical training.”


Since independence from Portugal in 1975 Mozambique was battered by civil war, economic woes and famine. Since peace in 1992 though, the country has developed one of the world’s fastest growing economies. Many are still unreached with the gospel and 17% of the country practice Islam. LEARN MORE

Bible & Theology

Theological & biblical training exists to serve the church to participate in God’s mission in this world — it is about following Jesus, learning from him and growing to be like him. LEARN MORE
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