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Pete and Libby share the love of Jesus through medical work, teaching and discipleship at Kijabe Hospital in Kenya.

The Halestraps have been living and serving in Kenya since 2012. They are based at Kijabe Hospital, a large mission hospital in the Rift Valley.

While Christianity is widespread in Kenya, its ethnic diversity and vast countryside mean there are still many who remain strangers to the good news of Jesus. Kijabe Hospital serves people from all over Kenya and other parts of East Africa, including a large number from unreached people groups. As people attend the hospital looking for high quality and compassionate healthcare, they are also exposed to the gospel in both word and deed. The hospital is a major training institution and provides an environment for learners to grow in both their clinical skills and their Christian faith, before going on to serve throughout the region and beyond.

Pete works in the Outpatient and Emergency departments of the hospital. He is also the Director of Medical Education, which gives him oversight of numerous clinical training programmes and allows him frequent opportunities for teaching. Through this, he is seeking to disciple and mentor local healthcare providers and mobilise them to reach others.

Libby runs an education course in the hospital, seeking to equip clinicians involved in medical education by enhancing their teaching skills. She also helps facilitate a global Christian mission course called ‘Kairos’. Besides this, Libby assists with student support and teaching in Titchie Swot, the primary school section of Rift Valley Academy, AIM’s boarding school for missionary children.

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Latest Prayer News

Pete and Libby Halestrap serve in medical work, teaching and discipleship at Kijabe Hospital in Kenya. Part of Pete’s work is in overseeing training programmes that equip healthcare professionals to serve in remote places, working with limited resources in harsh environments to share the love of Jesus with people. Please pray with Pete that the training and discipleship that Kijabe Hospital provides will lead to more people being equipped to serve in such remote locations. 

Pete and Libby Halestrap serve at the Africa Inland Church Kijabe Hospital in Kijabe, Kenya. As well as her work at the hospital in equipping medical educators with teaching skills, Libby has also begun teaching part-time at Titchie Swot, Rift Valley Academy’s primary school. Please pray that God will use Libby to bless her pupils at Titchie Swot. 

Libby Halestrap is involved in teaching at Kijabe Hospital in Kenya. One course designed to equip clinical trainees in basic teaching skills has been expanded to hospital staff, faculty and other clinicians who work alongside medical students. Praise God for how the course has been met with enthusiasm, and please pray for those being equipped by it as they use these skills in their everyday roles to train the next generation of medical staff. 

Pete and Libby Halestrap serve at the Africa Inland Church Kijabe Hospital in Kijabe, Kenya. Please pray that they and their children will be able to visit the UK over the summer for Home Assignment and so that Pete can complete some UK-based work to keep his medical licence valid. 

Please pray for Pete Halestrap and the staff of the AIC Kijabe Hospital as they respond to the Covid-19 pandemic whilst continuing the hospital’s other services. Pray that God would sustain and strengthen them, and give the hospital’s leadership wisdom in their leading during a very demanding time.


Kenya gained independence from Britain in 1963. Since then British tourism has been a key element of Kenya’s economy, however, unemployment, poverty and crime remain high. Whilst the majority religion is Christianity, Kenya’s ethnic diversity and vast countryside means there are still many unreached with the gospel. LEARN MORE


We long to see Health Professionals practising, modelling and mentoring competent, compassionate medicine, but doing so in places where they will influence unreached people groups for Christ. LEARN MORE
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