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Hannah teaches the children of cross-cultural Christian workers at Wellspring Academy in Chad.

Hannah first felt called to ministry among Third Culture Kids (TCKs) in 2010 when she taught at an international school in Rwanda. The TCK’s ‘third culture’ is made up of experiences that are unique to a child growing up with an internationally-mobile lifestyle.

Hannah has been teaching with AIM since 2013, working in a number of different contexts. Since 2016 Hannah has taught at Wellspring Academy, Chad. Wellspring Academy serves the children of cross-cultural Christian workers. While providing a quality education is at the heart of Wellspring’s work, providing a safe space for the students to talk, interact with others and grow in their faith as they live cross-culturally are all vital components of what the school does. TCKs often feel their strongest sense of belonging among other TCKs because they share a highly mobile lifestyle, and because of this Wellspring also offers support to homeschooling families across Chad.

Hannah teaches the youngest class and as well as teaching she works with the staff team to develop curriculum and policies as the school grows and develops. She is involved with running the homeschool weeks twice a year for those homeschooling their children across the country. She is also continuing to study French and build relationships in the community.

Hannah is also involved with her local church, which provides opportunities to grow in relationships, service and speaking French. She particularly appreciates the fellowship of the ladies group which she is a part of.

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Latest Prayer News

Hannah teaches the children of cross-cultural Christian workers at Wellspring Academy in Chad. Wellspring is now on summer break and is preparing for the new term to start in August. They will have a short term teacher to cover one class for the whole year, and one to cover another class for the autumn term but currently don’t have someone to take over teaching that class from January. Please pray that God will provide a teacher for this class and for wisdom for Hannah as she leads the teaching team as they seek God for the team’s future plans. 

Hannah teaches the children of cross-cultural Christian workers at Wellspring Academy in Chad. In the coming months there will be a lot of transition among the staff at Wellspring, and next academic year Hannah will take on leadership of the school. Please pray that God will provide the staff that Wellspring needs. Pray that Hannah will have a deep reliance on Jesus as she prepares to take on leadership responsibilities at the school as well. If you would like to find out more about serving at Wellspring, please visit our website here. 

Rift Valley Academy (RVA) is AIM’s school for missionary children in Kenya. AIM Europe missionaries Miriam Pugh and Hannah are members of its Board, the governing body that focusses on setting policies to help RVA achieve its ‘big picture’ goals and provide accountability for how the school operates. Their next meeting is in Kenya in early February, so please pray for the logistics of Board members travelling to Kenya from different countries and that they will be able to prepare well for the meeting beforehand. 

Hannah teaches the children of cross-cultural Christian workers at Wellspring Academy in Chad. The school is very grateful to have been able to complete the full autumn term without interruptions. The Covid-19 vaccine is available in Chad, however the country has experienced an increase in cases recently. Please pray that God would guide those making decisions about the health and welfare of people in the country, and please pray for Hannah and the staff at Wellspring as they seek to keep students safe during the pandemic.

Hannah teaches the children of cross-cultural Christian workers at Wellspring Academy in Chad. Please pray for her as she also invests in her relationships with local people. Please pray for opportunities to encourage, talk about faith, and learn from one another as she spends time with local friends. 


Chad became independent from France in 1960. Since then, its politics have been characterised by violence, coups and insurgencies. It is a secular state with freedom of religion. Muslims are dominant in government, trade and the army, although they are only just the majority religion (approx 53%). LEARN MORE


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