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Angèle is serving among the Fulani people in West Africa.

From May 2016 until May 2018 Angèle served on a TIMO team working among the Fulani people in West Africa. After the team had finished, she returned to West Africa in the autumn of 2018 to continue working among the Fulani.

The Fulani are a people that live throughout the Sahel. They are a cattle herding agrarian people who stretch from Senegal in the west to Sudan in the east. The Fulani are a predominantly Muslim people group. They first came in contact with Islam as early as the 1500s, but the majority did not adopt Islam until the 1800s. During this period Amaadu Lobbo Bari, a Muslim Fulani leader, grew in influence and established the Massina Empire, a theocratic Muslim Fulani state throughout the Inner Niger Delta region and extending to both the ancient Muslim centers of Djenné and Timbuktu. Today the Fulani are only nominally linked to Islam, with animal sacrifices instead playing an important role in the ritual celebrations of fatherhood, deaths, marriages, and other formal ceremonial occasions.

The TIMO team was really welcomed by two Fulani communities and Angèle is very thankful for the good relationships that the team built up. As there were three nurses in the team (including Angèle) they had a lot of opportunities to help people in the communities, and the corresponding challenges this ability to help can bring. Overall, the team were encouraged through meeting some Fulani people who were really open to the gospel and who were already listening to voice recordings of the Bible or even reading portions of the Bible handed out by the team.

After the team finished, some members returned and new missionaries joined them to continue to share their lives with the Fulani. They have the privilege of seeing God calling people to him and are now investing time in discipling these new believers. It has been encouraging for the team to see these new believers growing in faith and sharing their faith with their relatives. The team continue to share God’s love and word through the gifts God has given them.

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Latest Prayer News

AIM is exploring ministry in West Africa. Since many countries in the region are French-speaking the AIM France office have been involved in getting to know part of the area and what opportunities there may be for sending workers there. Please pray for AIM and the French office as we seek God’s leading, and pray that God will send more workers to the unreached peoples of West Africa. 

Angèle serves among the Fulani in West Africa. During the time that she and her team have lived among the Fulani, a small church of believers has grown. Please pray that God would grow and strengthen this church and raise up mature believers who can take on leadership responsibilities. Pray that the team will be able to encourage their Fulani brothers and sisters in Christ in their faith and be encouraged by them as they serve among the community. 

God is at work among the Fulani, revealing himself through dreams, his word, showing his power, and the testimony of Christians. Angèle serves among the Fulani and delights to hear Christians share how God has freed them from fear and oppression by spirits. Pray that God will continue to bring light and life to Fulani oppressed by spiritual darkness and fear, and that believers will always abide in Jesus. 

“Finances – the Lord has been amazing in his provision! We were told by AIM that our finances needed bolstering during this time back because of everything involved in transition to/and stay in the location of our next assignment and to replace supporters who have been unable to continue. We were told we needed to raise an extra £1,500 per month. This seemed mammoth to us, but not to our God. We are now only needing around £500 per month – he has wonderfully provided and it’s been such an encouragement to us as he confirms his calling on us.”

“We have just finished our 2 years of life and training among the Fulani. We thank God for His faithfulness and the manifestation of His glory among this people and in our lives. Not because of our efforts but only because of Him. With all my heart THANK YOU to each of you for your love, friendship, loyalty, support manifested in various ways. You are part of the team! I am currently travelling and will return to France in a few days. I look forward to meeting you and resting!!! During the past year I have taken time to pray and listen to God’s direction for my life. After 4 months in Europe I will return to live in the village to encourage young Christians and continue to share the Good News of the Gospel. I look forward to continuing in God’s plans for me.”

West Africa

When AIM’s ministry began in East Africa the Lord was already at work in West Africa so until recently AIM was not engaged in ministry there. However, in the last few years, a concern has grown for the Muslim countries of West Africa, given that we are committed as an organisation to see Christ-centred churches among all African peoples. LEARN MORE

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