In a creative access location, Beth* has the joy of reaching out to many with the love of Jesus through her growing understanding of the local language and culture. 

Through the business that she is a part of, she also gets to meet and interact in English with a wide range of different people: young and old, student and professional, men and women. As a woman she has many wonderful opportunities to share with other women of the wonderful hope she has in Jesus and some have even accepted copies of the Word to read for themselves. God is growing his church!

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*name has been changed for security reasons

Latest Prayer News

One missionary couple who serve in healthcare in a Creative Access location are waiting to receive a vaccine in the UK before returning to their ministry location. Pray that they, and other missionaries waiting to return to Africa, will receive their vaccines in a timely way so that they can return to their ministry in Africa soon. Pray that they will see God’s good purposes for them while they wait to travel.

Some of our workers serving in a Creative Access context are applying for official documents (visas and/or updates to their residency status) in their locations. Please pray for guidance through each step in the process and that their applications will be approved.

North Africa is an area which we describe as ‘Creative Access’, where there is great hostility towards Christianity. Recently, shared this prayer request: “Pray for freedom from evil spirits. One young believer said they feel evil heaviness when they enter their home (because of the witchcraft done by a family member) and it feels different to pray. Pray that believers would learn and practice Ephesians 6 and put on the armour of God.”

“Thank you for remembering Ted, Harry and Huw. They (and new additions to the group) have continued meeting with a colleague to study the Word. They attended the local church for the first time and loved it. These young people are excited about their new- found faith.” Give thanks for these new converts and pray they would continue to be strengthened in their faith in the Lord and trust in each other as they meet together.

“While breaking the fast on the beach and marvelling at how the heavens declare God’s glory, Helen asked, “So what’s the difference between your religion and mine?” I replied, “Well … Jesus! Would you like me to tell you about him?” Totally out of the blue, God opened the door for a conversation about works versus grace and how in our faith God does the ‘fixing’ of our broken relationship rather than us striving to ‘fix’ our sin and broken relationship with him. She said, “I understand now. That’s a big difference!” Please ask that these truths would penetrate deeply in her heart and she would be able to block out the lies of the enemy that keep her chained to works”

Creative Access

We use ‘Creative Access’ to refer to nations, areas or ministries where there is great hostility towards Christianity and where traditional ‘missionary work’ is not possible. Workers, therefore, need to be ‘creative’ in how they proclaim the liberating news of Jesus Christ. In North Africa alone, 200 million people from 472 unreached people groups are unreached with the gospel. That’s 200 million people unknowingly heading for a Christ-less eternity. LEARN MORE

Outreach & Evangelism

We long to let all Africa's people know that they can have life, in all its fullness, for comfort rather than being in fear of breaking taboos or working to earn favour in the eyes of their gods. LEARN MORE
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