Barry and Heather Mann

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Barry and Heather work with Growing Nations in Maphutseng, Lesotho. Heather is the CEO and Barry works in Communications and they are Unit Leaders for Lesotho.

They have been serving with AIM at Growing Nations since 2012. Heather works as the project’s CEO, overseeing the finances, working on grant and project funding proposals and the overall strategic development, whilst Barry is the project’s communications specialist, involved in the development of farmer training materials, photography/video production and website development. A significant part of both of their roles at Growing Nations is the mentoring, coaching & spiritual development of the Basotho staff team. 

They are also AIM’s Unit Leaders for Lesotho and are responsible for the member care of 10 mission partners working across the country. Currently, Barry and Heather are working remotely from the UK.

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Latest Prayer News

Barry and Heather Mann have been working remotely from the UK since before the Covid-19 pandemic. International travel is a challenge and it is hard to know when they will be able to return to Lesotho, so please pray that they will continue to trust God for his timing and future direction. Please also pray for Barry and Heather as they seek to raise support so they can continue serving AIM and Growing Nations. If you are able to support them, you can give online at 

Barry and Heather Mann have been working remotely from the UK since before the Covid-19 pandemic. While working remotely they have been able to take on other roles besides those they have with Growing Nations and as Unit Leaders for AIM in Lesotho, such as Heather’s involvement in overseeing finances for AIM Southern Region and Barry’s work in helping AIM to roll out a new Crisis and Security Policy for the whole organisation. Praise God for these opportunities to serve and please pray that God will provide the finances they need to raise in order to continue serving with AIM and Growing Nations. If you would like to support Barry and Heather, please click here.

AIM’s missionaries who serve in Lesotho are all waiting to be able to return to their ministries in-country, but to do so they must travel through South Africa. Please pray for them and Barry Mann, AIM’s Unit Leader for Lesotho, for wisdom as to when they can return to their ministries in Lesotho and patience for waiting on God in the meantime.

Barry & Heather are currently in the UK on long-term Medical Leave, but are working remotely. “[Since our visit to Lesotho in February] We have been back in the routine of working from home, supporting the Growing Nations team remotely, overseeing finances, policies, preparing funding proposals and the like… Heather has taken on an additional role, overseeing the finances of AIM’s Southern Region and she has been busy reviewing existing financial processes and starting to enhance them where necessary. Barry, along with others, has been helping our home church put together worship videos for their online weekly services…The biggest challenge is that things can become a little draining, as there is no division between the different aspects of life, as everything is carried out in the same way, in the same place… please pray for ourselves and the many others in AIM who find themselves working remotely that we may all be effective in our ministry, are able to work efficiently from home, have the ability to balance our time and remain open to God’s leading.”

“Growing Nations is effectively on hold for the moment. The team are unable to carry out any trainings or visits to farmers as they usually would but as an agricultural organisation it is able to manage the fields. So, this is the current focus of the team, making sure fields are well managed so that crops are protected and harvests maximised… The team are still keeping in contact with farmers via phone/WhatsApp and we are looking at how Growing Nations can share regular video updates for farmers… Donations to charities are also down so Growing Nations have already been asked to revise and cut budgets for future projects. All of this is concerning but we are all very much trusting God for His provision during this time of uncertainty. Please pray for everyone in Lesotho and the Growing Nations team at this time. It will only get harder as the lockdown continues.”


Lesotho is a Kingdom totally surrounded by South Africa, whom they depend on, as their biggest employer and buyer of their main natural resource – water. Lesotho is made up of highland villages, where people live in extreme poverty and few have heard the gospel. LEARN MORE

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