Barry and Heather Mann

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Barry and Heather work with Growing Nations in Maphutseng, Lesotho. Heather is the CEO and Barry works in Communications and they are Unit Leaders for Lesotho.

They have been serving with AIM at Growing Nations since 2012. Heather works as the project’s CEO, overseeing the finances, working on grant and project funding proposals and the overall strategic development, whilst Barry is the project’s communications specialist, involved in the development of farmer training materials, photography/video production and website development. A significant part of both of their roles at Growing Nations is the mentoring, coaching & spiritual development of the Basotho staff team. 

They are also AIM’s Unit Leaders for Lesotho and are responsible for the member care of 10 mission partners working across the country. Currently, Barry and Heather are working remotely from the UK.

In October Barry Mann will take over from Carrie Pither as AIM’s International Crisis Consultant, balancing this role with his work for Growing Nations.

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Latest Prayer News

Barry and Heather Mann are currently in Lesotho for several weeks to spend time with the team at Growing Nations and AIM missionaries in Lesotho. This week they have been at the annual Lesotho Evangelical Church Southern Africa meetings. Please pray that this connection will help Growing Nations to strengthen its relationship with the local and national church. Please also pray for Barry as he hands over the Lesotho Unit Leader role. 

A few weeks ago, Growing Nations in Lesotho and a couple of villages nearby were hit by a devastating hailstorm, which destroyed a lot of the crops that had been planted at the end of last year. It is too late in the growing season for some of the crops to be replanted, but the team have replanted others in the hope that they will have enough time to grow to maturity before the first winter frosts come in April. Please pray that the crops left alive, and those replanted, will be able to grow and be harvested before the winter. Pray that the team will not be discouraged. 

With Carrie Pither having finished formally serving with AIM at the end of last year, Barry Mann will take over as International Crisis Consultant from October this year. Please pray for Barry as he prepares to hand over Lesotho Unit Leader responsibilities and take up the role of International Crisis Consultant while continuing to serve with Growing Nations. 

Barry and Heather Mann work remotely from the UK with Growing Nations in Maphutseng, Lesotho. Growing Nations is currently hosting a three-month missionary training team and already have multiple short term and training teams planned for next year. They have also received funding to train and equip seminary students and newly ordained pastors in Farming God’s Way next year. Praise God for all these opportunities to train teams, mission workers and pastors. Please pray that the training these people receive will equip them well for their future ministry. 

Barry and Heather Mann have been working remotely from the UK since before the Covid-19 pandemic. International travel is a challenge and it is hard to know when they will be able to return to Lesotho, so please pray that they will continue to trust God for his timing and future direction. Please also pray for Barry and Heather as they seek to raise support so they can continue serving AIM and Growing Nations. If you are able to support them, you can give online at 


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