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In 2005 Simon and Sue, with their two girls joined a TIMO team that spent two years living with the Datooga in the Lake Eyasi area. On the team’s completion, they felt a burden to remain in the area to continue the discipleship of Datooga believers, through Bible teaching seminars, and also to encourage and enable the local Africa Inland Church Tanzania evangelists and leaders, as they seek to reach the unreached in the area.

Simon shared: ‘In the last few years we have seen a few Datooga men and women make a commitment to follow Christ and feel the desire to share the gospel among their own people. This has resulted in a number of new churches being planted, often in rural and hard to reach places. Our role working alongside the Tanzanian church is to assist these churches as they seek to reach out to their Datooga neighbours.’

In 2018 they returned to the UK and Simon began work among African diaspora. He now leads outreach to diaspora communities here, focusing on those communities originating from Africa. The task is so great, though, that outreach cannot be the exclusive domain of the ‘ministry professional.’ Simon works with local churches to help them reach their unreached diaspora neighbours, helps facilitate short term teams to go to African communities in the UK and supports the international work of our Diaspora Region.


Latest Prayer News

Refugees often don’t choose where they are sent to when they move on from refugee camps, and although they are grateful to be out of danger they still grieve the loss of family, friends, culture, language and home. On top of this, they can frequently feel excluded by their new host country. Please pray that Christians in host countries will show generous hospitality to refugees driven by our faith, and please also pray for AIM’s Diaspora workers who are working to reach out to refugees and encourage local churches in this ministry as well.  

One of our Diaspora workers in the UK has been encouraged by members of their local church wanting to join in their work of teaching English and befriending refugees. They hope to be able to develop a team next year. Please pray for wisdom in making plans for ministry next year. 

One of AIM’s Diaspora workers in the UK says that because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the crisis in Afghanistan, and increasing numbers of refugees coming to the UK by boat, the Centre they work in has become very busy. Those at the Centre have needed to prioritise meeting people’s immediate needs over building relationships with new arrivals. Please pray that this worker will be able to find time to come alongside those using the Centre and build friendships with them. 

Please pray for fruitful discipleship with seekers and new believers among international students in France. Pray that God would lead and guide Diaspora workers to those whose hearts are ready to hear the gospel. 

A new academic year has meant that a lot of international students have travelled to France from all over the world. AIM workers in Diaspora ministry in France have been meeting lots of new students and are slowly starting to build new relationships. Please pray for God to open doors for them to share the gospel with international students. 

United Kingdom & Europe

Ministry in the United Kingdom & Europe ranges from being a part of mobilising offices, to teaching in Bible colleges to being involved in work among the African Diaspora across the continent. LEARN MORE


Taking the good news of Jesus to Africa’s hardest to reach people does not always mean a move to Africa. Today, millions of Africans live outside of Africa: in North America, Europe, and around the globe – the African diaspora. LEARN MORE
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