Hannah Jackson

Sent from St Nicholas’ Church, Sevenoaks

Hannah is going to join a TIMO team working among the unreached Swahili and Wangindo peoples of Likawage, southeast Tanzania.

Hannah trained as a teacher and taught Geography in the UK for a number of years before spending a year on AIM’s short term programme in Korr, northern Kenya.

Since then, she has worked with Oak Hall Expeditions planning Christian holidays and conferences, and Hannah now serves with St Nicholas church, Sevenoaks as a ministry trainee. This role enables her to continue studying by attending the Proclamation Trust’s Cornhill Training Course.  

TIMO (Training in Ministry Outreach) is a hands on missionary training programme designed to equip men and women for church planting among unreached people groups, providing practical hands on training while engaging in real, transformational ministry. 

Hannah will be joining a small multinational team of new missionaries serving under experienced Tanzanian team leaders and working with the African Inland Church of Tanzania (AICT). The team will learn the local language (Kiswahili) and gain a deep understanding of the culture of their host community as they build relationships and share Christ among their new neighbours and friends. 

Hannah is excited to continue learning as the team work through TIMO’s specialised curriculum. The kinds of ministry she might end up being involved with may include teaching (in high school or teaching English in the community), children’s work, Bible storying, or reading the Bible with people. 

Could you partner with Hannah in this work?

Latest Prayer News

Please pray for more workers for the south coast of Tanzania, especially for leaders for teams in new areas. Many areas have requested workers, but we need leaders to help us take advantage of these open doors.

Please pray that Tanzanian immigration would grant the Africa Inland Church an exemption for work permits for missionaries, so as to ease the immigration delays and rejections that workers wanting to work in Tanzania are experiencing.

Please pray for a new Training in Ministry Outreach (TIMO) team in Tanzania. AICT (Africa Inland Church Tanzania) pastors, Musa and Merciana Luzali, will be leading the team and have moved from their current ministry among the Alagwa to Likawage to prepare for the team. Pray for them, and for team members to join them. 

PrayAfrica.org writes: “Pray that hearts of Christians living among the Rangi would burn within them as Jesus opens wider their perspective of his mission to the nations. Just like Jesus’ interaction with two disciples on a road leading to Emmaus. Telling them, “repentance for the forgiveness of sins should be proclaimed in His name to all nations” (Lk 24:47) Pray that they would find ways to reach out to the Rangi living in their neighbourhoods.”

Miriam writes, “I am thankful for the way the gospel of Luke in Alagwaisa is continuing to speak to the disciples. This morning, a friend and I were listening to Luke 14:15-24. As we asked ourselves what we learn about people in this passage, my friend said people’s heads are so hard… (as in resistant to God) and we talked about the importance of giving God the first place in our lives and looking to him above all other things. She affirmed this as she talked about the way even before she gets out of bed, she talks to God and puts everything she has to do in his hands. As we prayed, she confessed that often our heads are hard and also prayed for many hearts to be opened in our community and beyond.” Praise God for how God is speaking to believers through the Alagwaisa translation of Luke’s gospel, and pray that God would open more hearts to him among the Alagwa.


Tanzania is one of the world’s poorest nations; agricultural subsistence dominates its economy. Health and education sectors require massive investments.There is freedom of religion; all major faiths have the ability to share and propagate their faith. Christianity makes up 54% of the population with Islam totalling 31%. LEARN MORE


TIMO is Training In Ministry Outreach. It is a two-year programme that trains new cross-cultural workers from around the world to do ministry in Africa. LEARN MORE
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