Daily prayers

AIM Europe

As part of AIM’s exploration of new ministry opportunities in West Africa, AIM France are organising a trip to West Africa for French-speaking pastors later this year. Please pray for AIM France as they organise the trip, and that God would lead the right people to join.  

Teaching In Mission

AIM currently has over 570 children from around the world serving with their families in Africa.  Missionary teachers play a crucial role in helping missionaries’ children grow in education and faith. They also support students’ parents by enabling them to share the gospel with people who have yet to hear it. AIM currently has over 270 current opportunities to be involved in teaching, so please pray that God will provide the teachers that these children need. If you would like to find out more about teaching in mission, why not join our Teaching In Mission seminar on 21st May? You can find out more at: eu.aimint.org/teachinginmission 

Hannah Jackson and Margot Knight

Hannah Jackson and Margot Knight are part of a TIMO team serving in Likawage, Tanzania. In February three women started coming to their church, and two of them have become Christians. Praise God for these new believers! Please pray that they will grow in their knowledge and love of God, and that he will help them to stand firm in the face of challenges to their new faith. 

Creative Access

Even though sharing the good news of Jesus is challenging in Creative Access locations, God has been using dreams and visions to call people to faith in Jesus and encourage believers to persevere in their faith. Praise God that he reveals himself to people through dreams, and please pray that he will continue to speak to people in these locations through dreams and visions. Pray that those who hear his voice will respond to the call to believe in Jesus and come to eternal life in him. 


Today the next editions of Connect and Connect Junior are being prepared for posting to our supporters. In these editions, we focus on our ministry among African diaspora in the UK and Europe. Please pray that those who read these magazines will be inspired to love diaspora peoples and share the hope of Jesus with them. 


Luka and Umjuma are a South Sudanese family that have moved to a remote village to plant churches among the Lopit. The AIC church is excited about supporting them, but there is still much to learn about what it takes to keep a missionary family on the field. Pray for the six Bible studies Luka and Umjuma are leading each week in Iboni, that much fruit will result, and an indigenous church will be born. 

Caroline Bell

Caroline Bell serves among the Karimojong in Uganda seeking to share the gospel so that they may know Jesus for themselves. People in the region are waiting for the rains to come, and food is expensive. Caroline often gets requests for help, and it can be hard to know how best to respond to people’s complex situations. Please pray for wisdom and the rest of her ministry team to know how they can respond well to requests for help and show Jesus’ love for people. 

Annemarie Boks

Annemarie Boks serves in Adi, DR Congo as Director of an Aids Awareness Programme established by the CECA 20 church. She is currently in the Netherlands for a couple of months. Today she will be sharing about her ministry with her sending church. Please pray that her sending church family will be encouraged by how God is at work in Adi and that Annemarie’s presentation will inspire their prayers and support for her and her ministry. 

Alan and Pauline Jordan

Alan and Pauline Jordan serve in Marsabit, northern Kenya, where Alan teaches at the Northern Bible Training Centre and Pauline works in a local primary school. Marsabit has experienced increasing unrest in recent months and local people have been moving away out of concern for their families’ safety. Alan and Pauline have relocated south to Nanyuki and will be coming to the UK for Home Assignment at the end of May. Please pray for lasting peace in Marsabit, especially in the run-up to Kenya’s general election in August. 

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