Daily prayers

AIM Europe

Please pray for the Mobilisation team in the AIM UK office as they share resources with churches and consider new initiatives to help people in their thinking about mission. Please pray that the team will be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading in their planning so they will use their time well and serve others appropriately.

Tony and Cath Swanson

Tony and Cath Swanson have recently been involved with running missions training and mobilising conferences in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Praise God that Tony and Cath remained free from Covid-19 and that the conferences ran successfully despite the added challenges that the Covid-19 pandemic can bring. Please pray for the pastors, missionaries, aspiring missionaries and mobilisers who attended, that the conferences will help them bear fruit for God as they serve in mission.

AIM Europe

Next week the UK office is changing database provider. Please pray for us during implementation of this change and as we all undergo training. Pray particularly for the Finance team as they will need to get up to speed quickly with the new system whilst also keeping on top of all of their routine work. Give thanks for the provision of the software, and pray that God would show us how best to use it, in order to serve our supporters and missionaries.


Pray for continued good relationship between AIM missionaries and the Namibian Minister of Marginalized People, that he would continue to allow more workers to come into the San region, and that more workers would be called to come. Pray for new relationships to be formed with the “gatekeepers” amongst the San, and that Christ would be known by many more in Namibia.

Margot Knight

Margot Knight recently attended AIM’s online Europe Based Orientation for missionaries preparing to serve with AIM for the first time. Please pray that Margot will be able to remember and reflect on what she has learned, and that it will prepare her well for when she begins her first assignment in the autumn.


Pray for the Tanala of Madagascar. They are skilled woodsmen, food gatherers, and hunters, trading in beeswax, honey, and other forest products. They observe patrilineal descent and often live in large compounds consisting of a father and his sons or of a group of brothers. They hold deeply to their traditional religious practice, which is based on animism and ancestor worship. They believe that there are spirits all around us in nature and that people must try to please the spirits.


The Islamic holy month of Ramadan, where Muslims fast to please Allah and seek his mercy, is due to begin this week. Many unreached people groups in Africa are Muslim, and many of AIM’s missionaries live near to households and communities who will be observing the fast. Please pray that the Holy Spirit would work to reveal the truth of the gospel to people’s hearts, and pray that missionaries and local believers would make the most of the opportunities they have to explain why they are not observing this time of fasting.


Please pray for the presidential election expected to be held in Chad today. Pray that the election will be peaceful and fair, and that the elected President will serve with wisdom, integrity and humility.

Indian Ocean Islands

Praise God that Ruth* and Elle* have been settling in well to their new team on the Indian Ocean Islands. Please continue to pray for them as they learn the local language and culture, and seek to build relationships with those around them.

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