Daily prayers


Pray against the spread of the Delta variant of Covid-19 in Kenya. Pray that Kenya would have access to vaccines to protect its vulnerable population, and that the logistics of getting vaccines into local healthcare clinics would run smoothly.

Hannah Jackson and Margot Knight

Hannah Jackson and Margot Knight are preparing to leave the UK for Tanzania in November to begin serving on a TIMO team in Likawage, Tanzania. Please pray for Hannah and Margot as they prepare to be housemates together in Likawage and learn how to live very differently from in the UK. Pray that the challenges of living in a different context and culture will drive them towards a greater and deeper dependence on Jesus. 


Please pray that the Datooga of Tanzania will come to know Jesus as their Good Shepherd who laid down his life for the sheep. Pray that evangelists, missionaries and pastors will be found who will move to ten key Datooga towns and villages to live among the people and share the word of God with them so that in each town and village there will be a reproducing, Christ-centered Datooga church. 

Caroline Bell

Today, AIM leadership, Caroline Bell and the rest of the AIM teams working among the Karimojong in Uganda begin meetings to decide on the shape of AIM’s continuing ministry in the area. Pray for God’s leading in making this decision, and for unity between all involved in these discussions. 


Elders are the leaders of the Karimojong people in Uganda. They appeal to god on behalf of the people and offer sacrifices to appease the spirits. When elders become Christians they are often ostracised and persecuted because they will not take part in worship at the shrines or ritual sacrifices. As a result, they are seen to put the whole community at risk. Please pray for courage and grace for these elders and that they will be a clear witness to Jesus amid these challenges. 

Bruce and Jan Rossington

Bruce and Jan Rossington and their family have relocated to the UK and are now on Home Assignment. Pray that this Home Assignment will be restful and refreshing for them, and please also pray for clarity about what AIM ministries they should take on next year. 


Pray for the churches among Gabbra people. During drought season and after a pandemic lockdown, it has been difficult to get people gathering again for fellowship. Pray for a revival in each believer’s soul, for strength for those who are working on the Gospel proclamation and that in this time of need people will turn their faces to the Lord and trust in his provision. 

Peter and Katy Wilson

This weekend, pupils begin arriving at Rift Valley Academy (RVA) and Titchie Swot, AIM’s boarding schools in Kenya, for the new academic year. Please pray for Peter and Katy Wilson as they begin this new year with Peter serving as Superintendent of RVA and Katy as Principal of Titchie Swot. Pray too for protection against the spread of Covid-19 within the school. 

Chris and Sarah Power

The new school year at Rift Valley Academy begins on Monday, and this academic year Sarah Power will be teaching French, coordinating the school’s International GCSE programme and studying an online PGCE International qualification. Please pray for Sarah as she begins the new school year, planning lessons and getting to know her students. 

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