Daily prayers


Give thanks for Azir* and Tahir*, students at the English Language Centre in Chad who are wanting to know more about Jesus. Pray that they would grow in their knowledge and love for him and be excited about all he is doing in their hearts and minds.  *Names changed for security 

Creative Access

This week, Muslims in Creative Access areas will be celebrating Eid al-Adha, the Islamic festival which commemorates Abraham being willing to sacrifice his son in obedience to God. Please pray that Jesus will reveal himself to them as the perfectly obedient Lamb who truly takes away our sin and gives us peace with God. 

AIM Europe

As the UK’s Covid-19 restrictions lift tomorrow and churches begin to move towards more ‘normal’ services and meetings, pray that church leaders will lift their vision from the local to the global, and that the Mobilisation team will see and realise new opportunities to engage with them and their churches. 


One of our missionaries works with local churches in Mozambique, in discipleship, leadership development, and envisioning for missions. She is thankful for team members and those she has been discipling who are now developing their own ministries. Please pray for them as they plan, prepare and conduct courses, seminars and training. Please also pray for this missionary as she continues to support and mentor them in these new ventures.  

Margot Knight

Praise God that he has provided all the financial support that Margot Knight needs to begin her assignment in Tanzania in the autumn! Pray that, as Margot prepares to leave for Tanzania in a few months’ time, she will be able to say goodbye to friends and family well, that the practical details around moving to Tanzania will fall into place, and that her upcoming service will provide opportunities to speak to others about God. 

Annemarie Boks

Annemarie Boks shares that in the local hospital they are seeing more patients suffering from Covid-19. A couple of weeks ago, they began a vaccination campaign, which generated a lot of interest. Please pray that more vaccines will be available in DR Congo so that more people can be vaccinated against Covid-19. 


Give thanks for the work of the English Language Centre in Chad, and the opportunity there is to use the Bible in lessons. Pray that the words students hear and thoughts they form would linger in their minds, and that students would be interested to explore more of God’s Word. 


Part of the ministry of one of AIM’s Diaspora workers is their involvement in a homework club for teenagers whose first language is not English. Praise God that the homework club has been able to re-start and expand as the UK’s Covid-19 restrictions have been easing. Please pray that God will provide more Christian volunteers who have a heart to serve these students and share their faith with them. 

AIM Europe

The Comms team are currently working on the next publications of Connect and Connect Junior, ready for them to land on doormats at the beginning of September. Please pray for the editing and design process, that the contents shared would draw readers into a closer relationship with Jesus and that many would consider whether God is calling them to serve overseas through the stories shared. To receive a copy sign up at eu.aimint.org/publications. 

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