Daily prayers

Europe Based Orientation

Today is the final day of the online Europe Based Orientation for new missionaries. Please pray that these new missionaries will remember what they have learned and continue to prepare well for their future assignments.


Praise God that, as they use the Bible as a text for their studies, some of Paul’s English students in Chad are genuinely wrestling with the claims Jesus made and are considering the possibility that Jesus is God. Pray that the Holy Spirit would open the eyes of their hearts to see Jesus for who he truly is.

Mat and Katy Linley

Mat and Katy Linley moved to Kijabe, Kenya towards the end of last year. Mat is serving in the AIM Southern Region office, and Katy has been involved in training at Kijabe Hospital while she waits to receive her licence to work as a Family Medicine Consultant. Mat has recently tested positive for Covid-19. Pray for full recovery for him and for the whole family as they settle in with the added issues of isolating.

Home Assignment

Leave and home assignment plans for many missionaries in Uganda have been interrupted or changed due to Covid-19. As we look ahead to another difficult year, pray that missionaries would get the breaks they need, and be able to reconnect well with family, friends and supporters.

Indian Ocean Islands

Praise God for the technology which has meant that the Bible translation project on the Indian Ocean Islands has been able to keep going, despite how much Covid-19 infections have spread. Please pray for all those involved in the project, and for continued funding so that more of the Bible can be translated into the local language. To give to this translation project please contact Steve at donations.eu@aimint.org

Into Africa

Tonight is the first session of the latest virtual Into Africa course. Please pray for the Mobilisation team as they run the course online, and pray for those attending as they consider whether God is calling them to mission among African people groups.

All God’s Glory

The Apostle John had an amazing vision of the risen Christ in all his glory. But not many of us have seen a vision of God as John did. Instead, we can be tempted to project our understanding of the world onto how we view God. Spend some time praying that God would help you know him as he is.


Praise God that Holly has settled in to her new ministry assignment at Kijabe Hospital well. Please pray for her as she trains, mentors and disciples trainee surgeons in the hospital. Pray that God will use her to grow these surgeons spiritually as well as in their clinical skills.

AIM Advocates

We are looking for enthusiastic AIM supporters to join our brand new volunteer programme as AIM Advocates. Could you be proactive in your own church and network to share and promote our work, helping to build relationships with churches in your area? Why not pray about how you could be involved?

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