Daily prayers


Please pray for the Short Term UK Diaspora team, which begins today and runs until 8th August. The team is partnering with a Midlands city centre church to run a week of events building on the work this church has already been doing among its diverse local community. Pray that the local community will see something of God’s love for them through these events. Pray for opportunities for team and church members to speak of Jesus. Please pray for this church’s ongoing witness to the community.

Creative Access

Through meeting up with local friends in a creative access country, Rae has noticed an improvement in her skills in the local language. Thank God for how much she has already learned, and please pray that her skills will continue to increase so that she can share the gospel in a greater depth with others. 

The Call To Mission

Why not spend some time reflecting on God’s call to global mission in Matthew 28:18-20, Matthew 24:14, Acts 1:8 and Psalm 67? How do you see that call worked out in your own life, and in your church? How are you balancing your time, energy and money between local evangelism and reaching those who currently have no opportunity to hear the gospel? Perhaps you could take this opportunity to think in particular about how you can best use your resources. To consider the ways in which you could give to mission visit: eu.aimint.org/give. 

Indian Ocean Islands

Please continue to pray for the ongoing translation of the Bible into the language of the Indian Ocean Islands. It is a great encouragement to local believers to be able to read God’s word in their heart language. Pray for the process of producing the next translated Bible book, and pray that as Christians read it the truth will root deeply in their hearts. 

AIM Europe

Today is AIM Europe’s virtual Home Assignment Conference for staff and missionaries in Europe for Home Assignment and Diaspora ministry. Please pray that meeting together online will encourage our missionaries and staff, and strengthen our relationships with each other as we serve together. 

Carrie Pither

Carrie Pither serves as AIM’s International Crisis Consultant. In recent weeks she has been saying goodbye to friends and colleagues in Nairobi, Kenya ahead of her relocating to the UK this  coming weekend and beginning her Home Assignment. Please pray for safe and smooth travel for Carrie, and that she will know God’s presence with her as she quarantines. 

Short Term

Give thanks for Jean-Philippe, an Assistant Professor in France who has been able to serve with us as a short termer. For years he dreamt of being a missionary doctor but God called him to work in a secular French university hospital, the short term programme however has allowed him to use his skills in Africa. Pray for others to realise they too can contribute to mission in this way.  

Paul and Helen

Please pray that Paul and Helen’s visas will be granted so that they can go to language school in France this summer, in preparation for service among an unreached people group in West Africa. Pray that as they wait Paul and Helen will trust in God’s perfect timing. 


Please pray for the Short Term Diaspora outreach team that will be running in the UK, starting next weekend. Please pray that the team will be a blessing to the ministry of the church that they will be working alongside. Pray that all the team members will remain free from Covid-19 infection and that the team wouldn’t be disrupted by members needing to self-isolate. 

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