Daily prayers

Kathleen Quellmalz

Kathleen Quellmalz is the Director of the Safina Street Network, an outreach service working with vulnerable children and young people in Tanzania. At the end of last year, Safina decided to use land owned by each of its five branches to grow crops to use to sustain the ministry financially. Please pray that God would bless their work and provide a good harvest this year.

Blessing For The Whole World

In Genesis 17 God comes to Abram and makes a covenant with him. He promises to bless Abram and give him a son – at 99 years of age! By simply changing one letter in the Hebrew, he would now be called ‘Abraham’, which means ‘father of many’ (Genesis 17:5). God’s call to Abram marks a significant intervention by God into human history. By calling Abram, God initiated his redemption plan for humankind. Give thanks that even at this early stage God was planning to use Abram and his descendants to bless the whole world.

Adam and Cori Willard

Adam Willard serves in Uganda with his wife, Cori, and their children. He is AIM’s Unit Leader for Uganda. Pray for him as he leads, for discernment, grace and love as he makes decisions, and for upholding for him as he copes with and navigates such an unprecedented time.

AIM Europe

We are so thankful that faithful supporters kept our support levels healthy during 2020. Please pray that those levels will be sustained throughout 2021, especially as the economic effects of Covid-19 start to take hold. If you, or your church, feel God calling you to sustain our ministry in this way, please visit eu.aimint.org/give

Martin and Joy Koch

Praise God that Martin and Joy Koch were able to visit Lchakwai at the end of February to meet with the local elders and the church there. Please pray that the elders will allow a church building to be built. Please also pray that Samburu men will understand the gospel and come to saving faith in Jesus.


Give thanks that the Jesus Film is available in the Antakarana dialect in Madagascar. Pray for opportunities to show the film and that the Antakarana would not watch it just for the entertainment but would allow the truth of the story to affect their hearts. Pray that in watching the whole gospel unfold they would see the hope that Jesus offers and recognise what they are missing in their lives.

Indian Ocean Islands

Please pray for Amelia* and the workers on her Indian Ocean island as they are going through lots of changes at the moment, with old team members leaving, new ones arriving, and Covid-19 changing plans at the last minute. Pray that they will trust in God’s sovereignty over it all and provision for what they need. Pray that God would give them strength and that they will lean on his faithfulness. *Amelia’s name has been changed to protect local Christians and those ministering among them.

Chris and Sarah Power

At the end of December Chris and Sarah Power and their children moved to Kijabe, Kenya so that Sarah could begin a new assignment at Rift Valley Academy (RVA) as an Academic Coach and PSHE teacher, while Chris continues to serve in the Southern Region office. Please pray for Sarah as she adjusts to this new role, and pray for the opportunities she now has to disciple students at RVA.

Spreading The Good News

The idea that God sets apart people to ‘go’ from one part of the world to another to share the good news and plant churches is based upon Jesus’ ‘Great Commission’ in Matthew 28 and Mark 16. While the Lord has given the local church a unique, Bible-mandated role to enable Christians to love and share the gospel in their local communities, he has also separately and distinctly given the local church the task of spreading the good news about Jesus throughout the whole world. Why not spend some time thinking about your role?

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