Daily prayers

AIM Europe

A number of AIM Europe missionaries are currently going through ministry transitions or dealing with difficult circumstances and events. Pray that missionaries who are struggling will sense God’s steadfast love and care for them, and please pray for wisdom for AIM Europe’s Personnel staff as we support them.  

Paul and Elizabeth Makau

Paul and Elizabeth Makau are preparing to begin serving at Africa International University in Nairobi, Kenya, this summer. Please pray that God would provide the prayer and financial support that they need to be able to travel to Kenya in the summer, and that this time of preparation will equip them and their children Daniel and Grace well for serving in Kenya. If you would like to support the Makaus please visit their webpage: eu.aimint.org/themakaus 

Peter and Katy Wilson

Peter and Katy Wilson serve at Rift Valley Academy (RVA) in Kijabe, Kenya, where Peter is the Superintendent of RVA and Katy is Principal of Titchie Swot, its primary school. Rift Valley Academy have a number of teaching posts that they are looking to fill ready for the 2022-2023 academic year. Please pray that God will provide the teachers and support staff that they need, and for the Wilsons in their leadership in the school during this time. If you would like to find out more about these opportunities to serve, please visit this page on our website. 

Creative Access

Graham and Fiona serve in a creative access location. Please pray for those who Graham and Fiona study the Bible with. Pray that God’s word would accomplish his purposes in them, and that Graham and Fiona would see fruit from their time reading the Bible with others. 


After six years of evangelism among the Nyamwezi in Tanzania, one lay leader evangelist related that he has grown weary. He finds that people are eager to agree with the gospel message presented, but their hearts are far from trusting in Christ fully. Pray that God will transform their lives from the inside out, that they would place their trust wholly in the Lord and they would steward well what God has given to them. 


The Islamic holy month of Ramadan, where Muslims fast to please Allah and seek his mercy, is due to start at the beginning of April. As Ramadan approaches, AIM’s missionaries living in areas which are predominantly Muslim often get asked whether they will be fasting for Ramadan. Please pray that God will give them the right things to say in response, and that they will be able to speak of how we can relate to God based on his grace instead of needing to be good enough for him. 

Simon and Miriam Desborough

While Simon and Miriam Desborough are preparing to serve in Antananarivo, Madagascar, they are serving in Diaspora ministry in the UK with a local church. Praise God that the church has been continuing to make connections with the local community in different ways. The Queen’s upcoming Platinum Jubilee in the summer has also created an opportunity for the church to be involved in planning a celebration event for the community. Please pray that through the Jubilee celebrations the church will serve the community well and be able to speak to people of Jesus. 

AIM Europe

‘GO’ is a discipleship programme that also gives people an introduction to cross-cultural mission. AIM France are planning on running a French-speaking ‘GO’ programme this coming July. Please pray for more candidates for this year’s programme, and for AIM France as they organise the training. If you would like to find out more, please visit this page on our website. 

Hervé and Nathalia Ramangalahy

Hervé and Nathalia Ramangalahy are part of a ministry team based on the island of Nosy Be off the northwest coast of Madagascar. Madagascar is hit by multiple cyclones travelling westwards from the Indian Ocean between January and March every year. Nosy Be often suffers less from these than mainland Madagascar because of being sheltered by it, but the island has still suffered damage to homes, disruption of food supplies, and flooding. Please pray that Nosy Be and the rest of Madagascar would be spared further destructive cyclones this season, and for the nation as it recovers from this season’s cyclone damage.  

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