Daily prayers

Bruce and Jan Rossington

Bruce and Jan Rossington are serving with AIM based in the UK. As part of his work as Scripture Engagement Consultant, Bruce recently visited the Indian Ocean Islands to check sections of the gospels of Matthew and Luke that have been translated into the local language. Praise God that working with local translators has led to deep conversations with them about Jesus. Please pray that God will continue to speak to the local translators through his word, and for Bruce as he continues to work with the team on the Islands to translate these gospels. 


Rianne Van Leeuwen, AIM’s mobiliser in the Netherlands, is currently running a social media campaign to highlight the number of people groups in Africa who have yet to hear the gospel of Christ. Please pray that this campaign would be effective in raising awareness and lead to people contacting Rianne to find out how they can be a part of taking the good news to those waiting to hear it.

Mat and Katy Linley

Mat and Katy Linley are based in Kijabe, Kenya. Mat is AIM Southern Region’s Regional Administrative Officer. He is currently visiting AIM missionaries in Lesotho, including Barry and Heather Mann and the staff at Growing Nations, and Caleb and Tobias who work among shepherds in the mountains of Lesotho. Please pray for a fruitful time in Lesotho and safety for Mat while he travels.


The Islamic holy month of Ramadan, where Muslims fast to please Allah and seek his mercy, is expected to start this weekend. Many AIM missionaries live in areas which are predominantly Muslim. Please pray that God will give these missionaries wisdom to know how they can be good witnesses of Jesus to friends and neighbours this Ramadan. 

Pete and Libby Halestrap

Pete and Libby Halestrap serve at the Africa Inland Church Kijabe Hospital in Kijabe, Kenya. As well as her work at the hospital in equipping medical educators with teaching skills, Libby has also begun teaching part-time at Titchie Swot, Rift Valley Academy’s primary school. Please pray that God will use Libby to bless her pupils at Titchie Swot. 

Paul and Helen

Paul and Helen are currently in France for language school in preparation for serving in West Africa later this year. Praise God for progress in learning French for the whole family, and for the opportunity Paul recently had to join Gilles from the AIM France office in sharing about AIM at a Bible college near Paris. Please pray that the family’s French skills will continue to improve, and that they would have opportunities to share the gospel with others in French. 

Marsali Campbell

Marsali Campbell is in the UK, between assignments, having finished serving with Dwelling Places in Kampala last April. Please pray for Marsali, her sending church and AIM as we discern together where God is leading Marsali to next. Pray that God will be glorified in our discussions, and for Marsali to have a clear sense of God’s direction and guidance. 


Several local Nyamwezi families in Tanzania have gathered to begin a church plant in their village, meeting under a mango tree. They are being taught by a teacher who volunteers his Sundays to lead this congregation. Pray for these families as they grow in faith and reach out to their community. One of the villagers has given land to build a church. On designated church work days the families have gathered together to build the walls of their new church. Pray that as they build the church on a firm foundation, their lives likewise will be unified in Christ, built and lived out upon his firm foundation. 


Hannah teaches the children of cross-cultural Christian workers at Wellspring Academy in Chad. In the coming months there will be a lot of transition among the staff at Wellspring, and next academic year Hannah will take on leadership of the school. Please pray that God will provide the staff that Wellspring needs. Pray that Hannah will have a deep reliance on Jesus as she prepares to take on leadership responsibilities at the school as well. If you would like to find out more about serving at Wellspring, please visit our website here. 

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