Daily prayers

More workers for Tanzania

Please pray for more workers for the south coast of Tanzania, especially for leaders for teams in new areas. Many areas have requested workers, but we need leaders to help us take advantage of these open doors.

Chris and Sarah Power

“We can finally welcome three new office staff as they made it in to Kenya. Janette and Neo are joining our personnel team and Mat [Linley] is a part of the Southern Region leadership team. It’s great having like-minded people to work alongside as we provide support to the 100 missionaries and start new projects across Southern Africa. We head off for a team retreat in a couple of weeks’ time and look forward to planning together and praying for what 2021 holds. We know we must make plans but 2020 has certainly taught us to hold them lightly and trust Him to establish what he sovereignly intends!” Praise God for these new members of the Southern Region office team, and pray for them as they seek God’s guidance in their plans for next year.

Immigration delays

Please pray that Tanzanian immigration would grant the Africa Inland Church an exemption for work permits for missionaries, so as to ease the immigration delays and rejections that workers wanting to work in Tanzania are experiencing.


“…things continue to heat up politically with tensions bubbling under the surface… We have heard multiple rumours that there could be unrest towards the end of the month and into the new year. Please pray against any violence and for continued peace and stability for these wee islands, which have had such a turbulent history. Pray for true and lasting peace that comes from Islands that are not only reconciled with each other in terms of politics and public affairs, but with the Prince of Peace.”

A new team in Likawage

Please pray for a new Training in Ministry Outreach (TIMO) team in Tanzania. AICT (Africa Inland Church Tanzania) pastors, Musa and Merciana Luzali, will be leading the team and have moved from their current ministry among the Alagwa to Likawage to prepare for the team. Pray for them, and for team members to join them. 

Paul and Helen

“Finances – the Lord has been amazing in his provision! We were told by AIM that our finances needed bolstering during this time back because of everything involved in transition to/and stay in the location of our next assignment and to replace supporters who have been unable to continue. We were told we needed to raise an extra £1,500 per month. This seemed mammoth to us, but not to our God. We are now only needing around £500 per month – he has wonderfully provided and it’s been such an encouragement to us as he confirms his calling on us.”


Ann continues her psychiatric work in the local hospital. She is not seeing many patients, even though the rainy season has finished and the roads are passable: “Please pray that relatives of these people, who are often very troubled by their illness, would recognise their suffering and make the effort to bring them to see me and not only a few times until they are improved but for many years. Please pray also for the district’s new medical officer and his leadership of the local hospital and health centres. Pray that he can ensure that the resources of the hospital are efficiently used and that patients will be attracted back to the hospital.”

Jurgen and Katja Hofmann

“The airport in the capital is still not open for regular flights… Tourism on Nosy Be, a large island to the north, is allowed again. We had hoped that we could return home via this island. However, because a relatively large number of reported corona infections in the Netherlands, Dutch tourists are not welcome… We might be able to enter Madagascar through a humanitarian flight. AIM has good ties with various humanitarian organizations. These organizations regularly fly to Antananarivo with all sorts of relief supplies. Often they have seats available for passengers who do humanitarian work themselves… Hopefully we can go with a flight like this. This will, however, be in January at the earliest.” Please pray for wisdom for the Hofmann family as to when and how to return to ministry in Madagascar.

Angelika Maader

Angelika is planning to leave Mozambique in January for her final Home Assignment before retiring from missionary service: “Praise God for being able to complete administrative formalities (bank, handing over leadership, removing my name from car documents, etc) that I needed to finish in order to begin leaving Nampula. Please pray for my farewells to various church leaders, individuals, former students and others. Please pray for this emotional time.”

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