Daily prayers

Carrie Pither

Carrie Pither serves as AIM’s International Crisis Consultant. In recent weeks she has been saying goodbye to friends and colleagues in Nairobi, Kenya ahead of her relocating to the UK this  coming weekend and beginning her Home Assignment. Please pray for safe and smooth travel for Carrie, and that she will know God’s presence with her as she quarantines. 

Short Term

Give thanks for Jean-Philippe, an Assistant Professor in France who has been able to serve with us as a short termer. For years he dreamt of being a missionary doctor but God called him to work in a secular French university hospital, the short term programme however has allowed him to use his skills in Africa. Pray for others to realise they too can contribute to mission in this way.  

Paul and Helen

Please pray that Paul and Helen’s visas will be granted so that they can go to language school in France this summer, in preparation for service among an unreached people group in West Africa. Pray that as they wait Paul and Helen will trust in God’s perfect timing. 


Please pray for the Short Term Diaspora outreach team that will be running in the UK, starting next weekend. Please pray that the team will be a blessing to the ministry of the church that they will be working alongside. Pray that all the team members will remain free from Covid-19 infection and that the team wouldn’t be disrupted by members needing to self-isolate. 

Kathleen Quellmalz

Kathleen Quellmalz is Director of the Safina Street Network, an outreach service working with vulnerable children and young people in Tanzania. Many of Safina’s leaders will retire over the next 10-15 years, so Kathleen is focussing on raising up the next generation of leaders. Please pray that those involved in mentoring new leaders will train them well and help them grow, and that God will cause the ministry of Safina to mature into being self-sustaining. 


Give thanks for Azir* and Tahir*, students at the English Language Centre in Chad who are wanting to know more about Jesus. Pray that they would grow in their knowledge and love for him and be excited about all he is doing in their hearts and minds.  *Names changed for security 

Creative Access

This week, Muslims in Creative Access areas will be celebrating Eid al-Adha, the Islamic festival which commemorates Abraham being willing to sacrifice his son in obedience to God. Please pray that Jesus will reveal himself to them as the perfectly obedient Lamb who truly takes away our sin and gives us peace with God. 

AIM Europe

As the UK’s Covid-19 restrictions lift tomorrow and churches begin to move towards more ‘normal’ services and meetings, pray that church leaders will lift their vision from the local to the global, and that the Mobilisation team will see and realise new opportunities to engage with them and their churches. 


One of our missionaries works with local churches in Mozambique, in discipleship, leadership development, and envisioning for missions. She is thankful for team members and those she has been discipling who are now developing their own ministries. Please pray for them as they plan, prepare and conduct courses, seminars and training. Please also pray for this missionary as she continues to support and mentor them in these new ventures.  

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