Daily prayers

AIM Europe

Give thanks that Nana Koomson began working for AIM last week. She will be helping us raise support for the Ministry of the Mission fund, which is used for our mobilising work and church engagement activity. Please pray for her as she learns more about her role and AIM and gets to know the rest of the UK office team over the coming weeks. 


Hannah teaches the children of cross-cultural Christian workers at Wellspring Academy in Chad. The school is very grateful to have been able to complete the full autumn term without interruptions. The Covid-19 vaccine is available in Chad, however the country has experienced an increase in cases recently. Please pray that God would guide those making decisions about the health and welfare of people in the country, and please pray for Hannah and the staff at Wellspring as they seek to keep students safe during the pandemic.

Owen and Miriam Pugh

Owen and Miriam Pugh serve in a team working among the Alagwa in Tanzania. The rains there have dried up and people are beginning to worry about this year’s crops, because most people can’t begin planting until the rains come. Please pray that God would send rain and provide enough food for people this year.  

Paul and Helen

Paul and Helen are thankful for a good first term at language school in France. Please pray for the whole family as they continue to learn French in preparation for moving to West Africa later this year. Pray for perseverance when learning French is slow, tiring or difficult; and please also pray for the family as they begin to plan to move to West Africa. 


Pray that as the Nyamwezi embrace conservation agriculture practices and see renewed vitality in their crops that Christ will also work in their lives. Pray that they would break free from the heavy yoke of oppression under the spirit world and Islam, often mixed together in the religious practices of the Nyamwezi. 

Geoff Donaldson

Praise God that Geoff Donaldson has raised enough support to have been able to work for AIM two days per week since November. Please continue to pray that God will provide the rest of the funds needed for him to increase his working days. Please also pray for Geoff as he adapts to the role of Mission Advisor and seeks to develop AIM’s work in Ireland.

Diaspora Ministry

Refugees often don’t choose where they are sent to when they move on from refugee camps, and although they are grateful to be out of danger they still grieve the loss of family, friends, culture, language and home. On top of this, they can frequently feel excluded by their new host country. Please pray that Christians in host countries will show generous hospitality to refugees driven by our faith, and please also pray for AIM’s Diaspora workers who are working to reach out to refugees and encourage local churches in this ministry as well.  

Matthias Schilling

Matthias Schilling is preparing to join an Inbound team in Torit, South Sudan in July. Inbound teams support new missionaries as they begin ministry by providing orientation into missions work with AIM through mentorship and practical training, so that team members can then move on into long-term ministries within AIM. Matthias currently has 80% of his financial support left to raise, so please pray that God will provide the finances he needs to be able to join the team. If you would like to support him financially or through prayer, please visit his webpage at eu.aimint.org/matthiasschilling 

Jessica Melagne and Espérance Kamata

Jessica Melagne flew to Kenya yesterday to attend AIM’s Africa Based Orientation (ABO) before travelling onwards to an assignment in Bunia, DR Congo in February. Unfortunately Espérance Kamata was not able to travel with her due to a positive Covid-19 test, pray that she will soon be able to follow Jessica. Both are still raising funds for their ministry, pray that funds will come in to allow them to complete their service in DR Congo as well as for the practicalities and logistics of beginning work there, that plans will fall into place and official documents will be processed in a timely way. 

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