Daily prayers


Incorporated into the Islamic beliefs of the Antakarana of Madagascar is their adherence to ancestor worship. This is expressed in sacrifices that are offered to the ancestors. These are often carried out with a significant ceremony where possession by spirits is welcomed. Pray for protection for Christian workers and for ways they can share the story of Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice and victory over sin and death.


Ann has begun working alongside a local believer to prepare audio versions of the parts of the Bible available in the Neem’s* language. Please pray that they can make good recordings and that God will use the recordings to bring many Neem* to Christ. *The name of this people group has been changed to protect local Christians and those ministering among them.

AIM Europe Office

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic the next Europe Based Orientation will run as a number of online sessions held during February and March. Please pray for the Personnel team as they plan and run it. Pray that, despite needing to be run remotely, it will still be a great blessing to the missionaries preparing to serve for the first time.

Light To The World

God’s splendour and majesty are so amazing and so much greater than his created world. This amazing glory is uncontainable; his glory demands that all peoples bow the knee to the Lord. God always planned for the whole world to know him, right from Adam onwards. It was ‘too small a thing’ just to save Israel (Isaiah 49:6). Pray for more Jesus followers to become lights to the whole world, and not to turn inwards.

Alan and Pauline Jordan

Alan and Pauline Jordan did not travel back to the UK in the autumn to raise support because of the UK’s increased Covid-19 infection rates, but they still need to raise more support. Please pray that God will provide what they need to be able to continue their ministry in Marsabit.

One God

The Greeks, Romans and other nations that surrounded Israel had many gods; one for each town, district and different area of life (e.g. rain, harvest, sea). By comparison, Israel was unique in believing in a supreme God who both created everything and maintained all things. When God revealed himself to Moses in Exodus 3:14 as the great ‘I AM’, he emphatically rejected other nations’ notions of God. Give thanks that our God is timeless, unending, all powerful and utterly sovereign.

Creative Access

Some of our workers serving in a Creative Access context are applying for official documents (visas and/or updates to their residency status) in their locations. Please pray for guidance through each step in the process and that their applications will be approved.

AIM Europe Office

In the AIM Europe office we are so thankful to God for the rich supply of our needs last year despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Pray for the whole of the office team as we continue to work from home, that we will maintain our unity of spirit and purpose despite being physically apart.


Pray that missionaries would know how best to continue ministry when faced with the restrictions necessary to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Pray particularly for those working in remote rural locations, that they would know how best to support struggling communities.

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