Daily prayers

Hannah Jackson and Margot Knight

Today is Hannah Jackson’s commissioning service, as she prepares to fly to Tanzania to begin serving on a TIMO team in Tanzania next month. Margot Knight had her commissioning service last week. Please pray for Hannah and Margot as they are in the final stages of preparation before joining the team. Please pray that Covid-19 restrictions wouldn’t prevent them travelling as planned, and that they will know God’s protection, comfort and nearness. 

Christoff and Sarah Power

This week, Chris Power and other leaders from AIM’s Southern Region have had meetings together to discuss vision and strategy, and to enjoy fellowship together. Please pray that all involved will have been encouraged by these meetings. Pray for Southern Region’s leaders as they seek to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading. 

Pray For Women

On Thursday 4th November at 8.30am we will be holding our next online prayer meeting, focusing on women who live and serve in Africa. Please pray that it will help those who attend to engage more deeply in prayer for the unreached. To find out more information or sign up to come, please visit eu.aimint.org/prayfor

AIM Europe

We have re-opened applications for the part-time Fundraising Officer role. Following feedback we’ve decided to extend the role into a full time position. Please pray that God will provide the right person to join our Communications and Fundraising team. For more information or to advertise this role in your church, please visit eu.aimint.org/jobs. 

Owen and Miriam Pugh

Pray that having the Jesus film in their own language would have a powerful impact on the Alagwa, and that many more people will want to discover the truth about Jesus. Pray that Miriam and Owen Pugh and the rest of the team would be able to answer questions and encourage the Alagwa to seek truth.  

Indian Ocean Islands

Please pray for Dawn as she prepares to return to the UK for Home Assignment soon. Pray that handing over translation work to others will go smoothly, for Dawn to be able to say goodbye to local friends well, and for energy to make all the arrangements that need to be made before she travels. International travel can still be unpredictable, so please also pray against last-minute cancellations and other challenges that can make travel difficult. 

Caroline Bell

Thank you for praying for the meetings to decide what the future of ministry among the Karimojong should be. The two teams are merging into one, and Caroline Bell has been asked to lead the team. The team are having a four-month period to test out whether they can remain spread over two locations. Please pray for God’s wisdom and clear direction through these next four months. 

Into Africa

Please pray for the next Into Africa online workshops, running on four Wednesday evenings from 27th October. Pray that they will help those attending to discern God’s calling on their lives. For more information, visit eu.aimint.org/intoafrica. 


Pray for the process of Bible translation among the Alagwa of Tanzania. Work on the Gospel of John is almost complete and the team are moving towards translating the book of Acts. Pray that the Muslim translators would understand who Jesus truly is as they grapple with the work of translation and that the Christian translators would grow in the depth of their understanding of and love for Jesus.  

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