Daily prayers

Indian Ocean Islands

Please pray for Dawn in her work of translating resources into the Island language. Please pray that she will be able to spend the time she needs with her fellow translators in order to finish what needs to be finished before her upcoming Home Assignment. 

Jurgen and Katja Hofmann

Among the Tanala, mothers do not breastfeed orphaned children because it is not allowed by the ancestors, even if that child would die otherwise. Jurgen and Katja Hofmann have seen how the gospel has freed people from fear and saved lives in how believers have breastfed orphaned babies because they are not afraid of the ancestors. Praise God for his visible change in believers’ lives, and please pray that he will use acts of kindness like this to show his compassion and draw more Tanala to himself. 

Tony and Cath Swanson

Tony and Cath Swanson will soon be in the UK to begin Home Assignment. They have left Uganda and will relocate to Kenya next year so that Tony can begin serving as the Regional Executive Officer for AIM Eastern Region. Pray for them in this period of transition, and please pray that their Home Assignment will prepare them for moving to Kenya. 

Indian Ocean Islands

Please pray for local believers on the Islands, who live in a difficult context. They are often isolated and can be discriminated against if others learn that they are believers. Pray they will persevere in faith despite the persecution and injustice they experience, and for courage and wisdom for being salt and light in their context. 

Indian Ocean Islands

Ruth & Elle, sent by churches in the UK, joined the team serving on the Islands six months ago. Pray for them as they continue to learn the local language and adjust to Island culture. They are also beginning new ministries, with Ruth looking to teach English and Elle beginning work at a hospital. Pray that both of them would develop new friendships through their work which allow them to share about Christ. 

AIM Europe

Please pray for the UK office’s Finance team as they work hard to serve the ministry of AIM. Pray that God will continue to empower them as they serve, and that they will have joy in the part they play in the Great Commission. 

Simon and Miriam Desborough

Simon and Miriam Desborough’s assignment in Madagascar has been delayed until next year because Madagascar’s borders are still closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and because the Desboroughs are expecting a baby in early 2022. They are considering UK Disapora ministry while they wait to go to Madagascar. Praise God for the joyful news of their baby, and please pray for the family during the pregnancy. Pray also for wisdom for them and AIM in discerning which Diaspora ministry Simon and Miriam could get involved in. 


Praise God that the gospel is spreading among the Tsimihety in Madagascar through faithful Malagasy healthcare workers, educators, and expat missionaries. Pray that many more Tsimihety will see Jesus’ love and accept him as their Good Shepherd. 

Returning To The Mission Field

Please pray for missionaries who have returned to their assignments after a long time of Home Assignment because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Pray that they will be able to remember the local language, reconnect with friends and teammates and re-adapt to life in their assignment locations. 

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