Daily prayers

Paul and Helen

While they wait to be able to study in France, Paul and Helen are working as doctors in local hospitals in the UK. Pray that they will show Christ-like compassion at all times to those they serve, and for opportunities to share the hope they have in Jesus with their colleagues.


Pray for Christians among the Alagwa people in Tanzania whose spouses are not believers. Pray that they will have the courage to faithfully witness to their spouses and children, and that their lives would demonstrate Jesus’ love.

Simon and Miriam Desborough

Pray for Simon and Miriam Desborough as they prepare to serve in Antananarivo, Madagascar. Currently, Simon is studying at All Nations Christian College and Miriam is working as a community nurse. Pray that as well as readying themselves for ministry they would receive the necessary prayer and financial support.


Pray for six Bible study groups currently taking place among Lopit Christians in South Sudan. Praise God that people are coming to the studies consistently, and pray that everyone who attends will grow deeper in their love for God and be transformed to be more like Jesus.

Marsali Campbell

Pray for Marsali Campbell as she seeks to encourage the Missions Committee of a local church in Kampala by studying an AIM missions course called ‘Xplore’ with them. Pray that God would use it to grow that church in its heart to send cross-cultural missionaries.


Pray for the Bara of Madagascar. Despite being known for their faithfulness to their culture and resistance to the gospel, some Bara admit to a sense of hopelessness. Faced with cattle raiding, diseases that witchcraft can’t cure, and their fear of the spirits, many are searching for another kind of life.

Into Africa

Our next Into Africa course, designed to help people explore their mission calling, begins on 1st March. Running on Monday evenings over zoom, participants are invited to attend three sessions, with an optional fourth week that goes into more depth for those ready to enquire. Please pray for the preparation work that is underway, and that God would be stirring up many people to attend and consider their role in mission.

Angelika Maader

Please pray for Angelika Maader, who has recently retired from missionary service in Mozambique and returned to Germany. Pray that she will re-settle in Germany well, especially given the added challenges of Covid-19 restrictions on top of the reverse culture shock that returning missionaries often experience.

AIM Europe Office

Pray for AIM Europe’s Communications Team as they start thinking and planning the next edition of our Connect magazine. Pray that they would approach the right people for articles and pair them well with our Bible study material. Pray that the whole edition will help people think and pray about their role in mission, as well as ways in which they can support missionaries.

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