Daily prayers

Kathleen Burns

Kathleen Burns serves as the Health Coordinator and Short Term Coordinator for AIM’s Central Region. This term will be Kathleen’s final term serving in Uganda before returning to the UK later this year. Please pray for Kathleen as she begins the journey of transition of moving to the UK after many years’ service with AIM in Uganda. 

AIM Europe

Rianne from the AIM Netherlands office will be joining in with the next online Into Africa course, which will run every week for four weeks from next Wednesday. Please pray that we will see people from the Netherlands joining, and for Rianne as she continues to make connections with enquirers, Bible schools and churches as they explore their role in cross-cultural mission. 

Creative Access

Beth serves in a Creative Access location, working in an English-speaking business. Please pray that those who are interested in Jesus would be drawn to believers such as Beth. Pray that Beth will speak graciously and lovingly when she shares the truth of the gospel with others. 

Growing Nations

Praise God for the work of Growing Nations in Lesotho and for the lives that have been changed both physically and spiritually through their ministry. Pray for opportunities for them to share more widely in Lesotho and for the provision of resources to do that.

Creative Access

Rae serves in a creative access location teaching English. She has had an encouraging month in her teaching work and is able to balance teaching with being able to spend time meeting people. Please pray for continued wisdom in maintaining a good balance between work and investing in friendships. Pray that the conversations that Rae has will be seasoned with the gospel and spark interest in people to want to know more about Jesus. 

Barry and Heather Mann

Barry and Heather Mann are currently in Lesotho for several weeks to spend time with the team at Growing Nations and AIM missionaries in Lesotho. This week they have been at the annual Lesotho Evangelical Church Southern Africa meetings. Please pray that this connection will help Growing Nations to strengthen its relationship with the local and national church. Please also pray for Barry as he hands over the Lesotho Unit Leader role. 

Short Term

Lisa Flach is a short term missionary serving in discipleship in the Hurri Hills in Kenya. Recently she and other team members visited a family whose husband had recently died. The death of the husband in a family can be particularly devastating for families in the area because of the husband’s role as protector and provider. Please pray that Christians will be able to speak sensitively to those who suffer such devastation about how God is our protector and provider who we can never be separated from. 


Ann works among an unreached people group in northern Chad, supporting a local church through Bible studies and treating mentally ill patients and epileptics in two church clinics. Praise God that she was able to buy enough epilepsy medicines to last several months when she returned to Chad in December! Please pray that she will be able to see more patients and that local health centres will refer patients to her for specialist treatment.  

Step Inland For Lent

Today is the beginning of Lent, and of our ‘Step Inland For Lent’ challenge! Click here to follow our prayer journey, tracing the initial footsteps of our founder, Peter Cameron Scott and then continuing his vision to go to the unreached Inlands of Chad. Today much of Chad still remains unreached with the gospel along with 380 million people across the continent of Africa. Please pray that this initiative would be used by God to raise their profile and to generate funds we can use to raise up more workers for these harvest fields. 

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