Daily prayers


Pray for Bible translation projects and gospel sharing initiatives going on across the island of Nosy Be in Madagascar. Memory cards are being produced that can be used in mobile phones, and through these devices the Sakalava are listening to the Gospel of Matthew and songs in their own language. Thank the Lord for this technology and pray that many will come to faith.  

AIM Europe

Pray for AIM Europe’s Personnel department as they encourage and support a number of missionaries who are in a period of transition and face uncertainty about the future. Pray for God-given wisdom and discernment for Personnel, and for peace for our missionaries while they wait for things to become clear.  


Claire is looking forward to Home Assignment in October. Please pray for her as she negotiates the rapidly-changing Covid-19 regulations for her journey and as she plans and prepares for the ministry to continue in her absence. 


Many people on the island of Nosy Be, Madagascar pick ylang-ylang flowers and sell them to a factory to be turned into oil. But the price per kilo is one fifth of what it was last year. People are struggling to pay back loans and feed their families. Pray that they would be able to find legitimate and secure forms of employment.


Rains have not fallen as expected over southern Madagascar for the last four years, resulting in a famine that has been called one of the world’s first famines to be caused by climate change. Please pray for relief for all those suffering under the famine. Pray for AIM’s missionaries and for churches working among affected communities. If you would like to give, you can give to AIM’s Madagascar Emergency Assistance fund through contacting us. 

Graham and Fiona

Graham and Fiona have been remembering God’s faithfulness, presence and plan as they meet people they have had significant relationships with during their time in ‘Wonderland’. As God draws people to himself, pray that Graham and Fiona will see where he has been at work, and that the Holy Spirit will lead them to relationships, conversations and activities where they can share the gospel. 

Mark and Hannah

Mark and Hannah have recently moved to France for language school in preparation for serving among the unreached Acacia* people in Chad. Please pray that they will quickly settle into a church and start to feel at home in France. Also pray that they will learn French well and for perseverance when language learning is hard. 

Rex and Ruby

After many years of praying that God would grow their team, Rex and Ruby are expecting new team members to arrive this autumn. Praise God that he has answered their prayers! Please pray that their new teammates will settle well, and for Rex and Ruby as they help them adjust while supporting the rest of the team and running the English centre. 


The Madagascan island of Nosy Be depends heavily on tourism but Madagascar’s Covid-19 response means that borders have been closed indefinitely, meaning that tourism as a source of income has completely gone. Pray that the church would come together to help people. Pray that God would show himself to them as the great provider.  

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