Daily prayers

Owen and Miriam Pugh

Owen and Miriam Pugh serve in a team working among the Alagwa in Tanzania. Please pray with Miriam that local women would actively want to know more about Jesus. Some are eager to hear about him but face opposition from family; others are already reading the Bible but haven’t yet committed their lives to Jesus; and others are believers with a growing faith. 

Honouring parents

Many of AIM’s missionaries have ageing parents, which can make being overseas a harder sacrifice. Praise God that the internet has made it easier to keep in touch with family from overseas. Please pray for wisdom for missionaries to know how to love and honour ageing parents and discern the best way of making sure they have the care they need. 

Faith and friendships

Please pray for missionaries’ witness through their friendships. Some see local friends believe in Jesus relatively soon into their time on the mission field, and others can have good friends who they have known for years who haven’t yet come to faith. Please pray that in living out their faith missionaries will display the extraordinary love of God and his salvation for everyone who believes. 

Claudia Middendorf

Until recently, Claudia Middendorf was AIM’s Unit Leader for Mozambique. She has recently arrived in Germany for her Home Assignment. Please pray for Claudia as she adjusts to being back in Germany for the first time in several years, where things are very different from Mozambique. Please pray for good rest, and that she will be able to regain her strength and energy before returning to the mission field in the autumn. 

AIM Europe

Please pray for AIM Europe as we recruit a Senior Designer to join the UK office team. Please pray that God would lead the right people to apply, and for discernment in the shortlisting and interview process. If you would like to find out more, please visit our website: eu.aimint.org/jobs 


The Rangi live in north central Tanzania. This weekend, a missions seminar called ‘Kairos’ will be held in Kondoa. Please pray that the seminar will give local Christians a better perspective of the great commission and spur them on to reach their Rangi friends and neighbours. 

Indian Ocean Islands

Ruth* works in the Indian Ocean Islands seeking to share the gospel with people who have never had it explained to them. Please pray for Ruth as she continues to work with her language helper to learn the local language. Working together on translating Ruth’s testimony so that she can share it with local friends has led to bigger conversations about faith, so please pray that God will give Ruth the right words to say in response to questions about what she believes and why she believes it. 

International Students

African students make up around 8% of the international student body in the UK. Pray for those who are Christians, that they would be welcomed by University Christian Unions and the church. Pray for those who don’t yet know Jesus, that they would have opportunities to find out more about him. 

Indian Ocean Islands

Please pray for those in the Indian Ocean Islands who are meeting up with workers and local believers to look at the Bible together. Please pray that as they read through the story of the Bible, the Holy Spirit will open their hearts to understand why Jesus came. 

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