Daily prayers


Increasingly the Antakarana people are spreading across northern Madagascar as they seek work. Pray that as they mix with others from different people groups, their historic mistrust of other peoples would be broken down and that, as a consequence, they’d be open to hearing the gospel from other Malagasy people, as well as to reading Scripture in other Malagasy dialects.

Ard and Carin de Leeuw

Last week Ard and Carin de Leeuw and their children finished their ministry among the Laarim and travelled to the Netherlands for Home Assignment. Please pray for them as they settle into living in the Netherlands. Pray also for Jacob, who has taken over leadership of the AIM team working among the Laarim, and for the rest of the team as they continue to share the gospel with the Laarim in South Sudan.

Mission Is Central

As we look at the Bible’s overarching narrative, we see that God’s concern for all peoples is central to the redemption story. As we consider what the Lord has done for us, and his love and concern for all peoples, it is right that we reaffirm the centrality of evangelism (sharing the good news) and mission (sharing the good news cross-culturally) in all we do. Why not take some time to pray about your response?


Please continue to pray for Chad. On Tuesday the re-elected President died after being injured last weekend while visiting troops battling rebels in the north of the country. A military council led by the President’s son, Mahamat Idriss Déby, will govern for the next 18 months. Please pray for peace and good government in Chad, and protection of its people. Pray that God will give wisdom to AIM’s leadership and Ann, Paul and other missionaries in the country to know the best action to take in this situation. For up-to-date information  click here.

Annemarie Boks

Please pray for the Bethsaida project, which Annemarie Boks is involved with. The project helps children who have lost their parents because of HIV-related illnesses to go to school by sponsoring them. Because of the closure of schools in DR Congo due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Bethsaida have begun practical training for the children they support. Please pray that the children will enjoy the training, and that the practical skills they learn will be really useful for them throughout their lives.


Pray for the Tsimihety who live in the mountainous northern central area of Madagascar. Their name means ‘those who do not cut their hair’ which was a sign of refusal to recognise the monarch. They are considered extremely egalitarian, refusing to recognise authority. Most Tsimihety are animists with only a vague belief in a supreme being who presides over the spirit world.

Hervé and Nathalia Ramangalahy

Please pray for Hervé and Nathalia Ramangalahy as they serve with the local church on the island of Nosy Be, Madagascar. Hervé is currently working with the pastor on various projects in their village and surrounding villages, and Nathalia helps at a children’s group run by one of the church leaders. Pray that they will be an encouragement to those in the church and serve well in ministry.

Indian Ocean Islands

Please pray for the many friends and families that workers on the Indian Ocean Islands have built relationships with and spoken to about Jesus. Pray that they will reflect on all that they have heard of the gospel, grasp how great God’s love is for them that he would send his Son to die for them, and will become more open to seeking relationship with him, especially during this month of Ramadan.

Mark and Hannah

Please pray for Mark and Hannah during this time of preparation before they begin French language school in the autumn. They hope to be able to visit Chad in the summer if Covid-19 restrictions allow, so please pray for wisdom in making decisions about travelling.

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