Prières quotidiennes

Short Term

Jan is serving as a short term missionary at Kijabe Hospital in Kenya, mostly in the children’s hospital. The cost of treatment can often delay patients from seeking help until it’s too late, and the knowledge that every test requested must be paid for by the patient can be hard for the doctors. Please pray for wisdom for Jan and the other medical staff to know the best investigations and treatments to use so that patients can have the most effective care possible in their circumstances. 

Caroline Bell

Caroline Bell serves among the Karimojong in Uganda, seeking to share the gospel so that they may know Jesus for themselves. Thank you for praying for the development of the joint vision and strategy among missionaries in the area. It has now been finished and is being shared with churches in Karamoja. Please pray for positive discussions and clear communication between missionaries and churches. The AIM team in Karamoja is also looking for new people to join them, so please pray that God will send more workers to join Caroline and the team in their ministry. 

Pete and Libby Halestrap

Pete and Libby Halestrap serve in medical work, teaching and discipleship at Kijabe Hospital in Kenya. Part of Pete’s work is in overseeing training programmes that equip healthcare professionals to serve in remote places, working with limited resources in harsh environments to share the love of Jesus with people. Please pray with Pete that the training and discipleship that Kijabe Hospital provides will lead to more people being equipped to serve in such remote locations. 

Ruth Mahood

Ruth Mahood is currently in the UK on Study Leave, training to be a counsellor. Next week she will travel to Kenya to support the running of AIM’s Africa Based Orientation (ABO) training conference for new missionaries. Please pray for Ruth and the ABO team in their final preparations for the conference, and please pray for the 35 new missionaries who will attend. 

Sheona Chisholm

Sheona Chisholm is AIM Europe’s Mission Advisor for Scotland. Part of her work involves making connections with churches and their leaders, and sometimes speaking about mission in church services. Please pray for Sheona as she works to raise awareness of AIM and cross-cultural mission, and as she works with those who are exploring serving with AIM. 

Dangerous Crossings

The UNHCR estimates that 120,000 people crossed the Mediterranean Sea into Europe in 2021, with approximately 2,500 losing their lives. Pray for those for whom this risky route provides the best chance of safety. Pray too for the coastguards and lifeboat organisations providing help and relief. 


Hannah teaches the children of cross-cultural Christian workers at Wellspring Academy in Chad. Wellspring is now on summer break and is preparing for the new term to start in August. They will have a short term teacher to cover one class for the whole year, and one to cover another class for the autumn term but currently don’t have someone to take over teaching that class from January. Please pray that God will provide a teacher for this class and for wisdom for Hannah as she leads the teaching team as they seek God for the team’s future plans. 

Creative Access

In Creative Access countries it can be difficult for people to find out more about Jesus. Family members can become angry that they are reading the Bible and there can be serious consequences. But one of our workers in a Creative Access country has shared with us how one seeker’s family member, instead of getting angry, has wanted to read the Bible for themselves. Please pray that whole families will come to know Jesus together in these hard places. 

Mat and Katy Linley

Mat and Katy Linley are based in Kijabe, Kenya. Mat is AIM Southern Region’s Regional Administrative Officer. In May, Mat visited Angola with other AIM leaders to explore potential ministry and partnership opportunities in the country. Please pray that the insight that the team gained into how AIM can serve in Angola will help Southern Region as they find assignments for missionaries who want to serve there. 

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