Daily prayers


Thaddee and Haja are serving among a Muslim people group in south Madagascar. Pray the Lord will draw people to himself through this family’s witness. Pray for the health of Thaddee, Haja and their four children, far from missionary support and healthcare.

Martin and Joy Koch

Please pray for Martin and Joy Koch as they discern what their ministry among the Samburu should look like for the next two years. Pray that God will guide their decisions and give them open hearts and wise thinking as they seek him.

Martin and Joy Koch

Living in urban Maralal is very different from living in rural Lchakwai for Martin and Joy Koch; yet they live in a mostly Samburu neighbourhood, with two AIC Samburu churches within walking distance of their apartment. Please pray that God will keep giving Martin and Joy opportunities to speak with Samburu friends and neighbours about Jesus in their new location.

AIM Europe

Please pray for continued creativity and focus for AIM Europe’s Communications team. It can be hard to find new ideas whilst battling with the sameness of life under lockdown. Give thanks that easing restrictions mean that they can meet in person for walks and pray that the team will know God’s supernatural help as they keep seeking to be creative and take joy in their work.


Please pray for wisdom and guidance for the leaders of a new Diaspora ministry team that has been formed in Finland. Finnish is a difficult language to learn, and even refugees who have lived in Finland for several years struggle to converse in it. This lack of a common language is a challenge for the team, who will be needing to switch between several different languages, depending on who they are speaking with. Please pray that God would give team members the ability to communicate clearly and serve those they are reaching out to well despite language barriers.


If you’d like to get involved in mission, one way is through making a financial gift. In Exodus 35–36 we read of the Israelites giving from generous and willing hearts. Their giving was such that the workers reported to Moses, “The people are bringing more than enough for the work the Lord commanded to be done.” We long for mission work to be funded in the same way. To give, visit eu.aimint.org/give.

Niger and the Sahel

Last Sunday gunmen raided several villages in western Niger, killing over 130 people. Please pray for the families of those mourning, and for those who have fled for fear of further attacks. Pray for peace in the wider Sahel region, where millions have been displaced from their homes and lost everything because of insurgencies in the area.

Jurgen and Katja Hofmann

Praise God that Jurgen and Katja Hofmann and their children were able to return to Madagascar on a humanitarian flight in January. Among the challenges of re-adjusting to life among the Tanala again, they have been encouraged by the news that while they were away the Tanala translation of Luke and Acts have been almost finished and one church has grown from 15 to at least 60 new believers! Praise God for these encouragements, and pray that the Hofmann family will be faithful witnesses to those around them and an encouragement to local believers.

Caroline Bell

Caroline Bell leads the AIM team serving among the Karimojong in Moroto, Uganda. In February she attended a leadership training course with other AIM team leaders. Praise God for the wisdom she received there, and pray that God will use what Caroline has learned to keep growing her in godly leadership and serving her team well.

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