Daily prayers


Please pray for a new pastor and his family who have recently moved to work among the Alagwa. Pray for them as they settle into their new community, and please pray for a good partnership between this pastor and the AIM team who are working among the Alagwa in the area. 

Owen and Miriam Pugh

Owen and Miriam Pugh serve in a team working among the Alagwa in Tanzania. Praise God that the Jesus Film has been recently dubbed into Alagwaisa! The team have already shown the film three times, and intend to continue showing it in these communities and also show the film among other Alagwa communities further afield. Praise God that community leaders have been happy for them to keep showing the film, and please pray that he will work in people’s hearts through what they see and hear about Jesus.  

Diaspora team

Thank God for the work of an AIM diaspora/local church short term team which ran a family fun activity week in a Midlands city last week. It was attended by more than 110 people, mainly children and women. The week built on the existing relationships between the church and the local immigrant community from the Horn of Africa and created wider opportunities for work and witness. Team members and the local church were encouraged to see God at work. Pray that seeds sown would bear fruit. Pray for wisdom, patience, sensitivity and boldness as church and AIM workers continue this ministry in the days ahead.  

Claudia Middendorf

Claudia Middendorf serves as Unit Leader for AIM in Mozambique. Please pray for Claudia, as the Covid-19 pandemic has meant that she has been unable to take annual leave and have a proper break. Pray that in God’s timing some time off will be possible, and in the meantime that her rest days will give her the refreshment she needs.


Please pray for new believers among the Rangi people in north central Tanzania, that they will immediately proclaim Jesus as the Son of God. Pray that they would increase in strength and wisdom and prove to unbelievers that Jesus is the Christ. 


Ann is currently in the UK on Home Assignment. Please pray that this would be a time of rest and refreshment for her and that she will be able to use her time in the UK well to raise support for her ministry and encourage others in getting involved in mission. 

Indian Ocean Islands

Despite there being no official church body on the Islands, some Islanders recently set up a WhatsApp group for local believers to send out encouragements to each other. This is a huge step in the right direction of connecting Islander believers and giving them a place to go for prayer and for encouragement in their own language. Please pray that more members will be added to this group, that it will remain secure and the body will not be harmed by access to this group falling into the wrong hands. Pray for their protection. 

Pete and Libby Halestrap

Libby Halestrap is involved in teaching at Kijabe Hospital in Kenya. One course designed to equip clinical trainees in basic teaching skills has been expanded to hospital staff, faculty and other clinicians who work alongside medical students. Praise God for how the course has been met with enthusiasm, and please pray for those being equipped by it as they use these skills in their everyday roles to train the next generation of medical staff. 

Indian Ocean Islands

Please pray for believers on the Islands who are young in the faith. Pray that they will be able to meet with other believers in the Islands, and that these meetings will grow their trust in God and spiritual maturity. Pray that God will help those who face opposition to stand strong in faith and boldly share their testimony with their friends and family.  

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