Daily prayers

African diaspora

There are AIM missionaries serving among African diaspora around the world. Many of those who have travelled to the West in search of better lives come from Islamic countries, closed to traditional mission work. Pray that as missionaries support and welcome Africans that they would be able to show Jesus’s love in word and deed. 


Continue to pray for missionaries serving in Islamic contexts during Ramadan. As this year it intersects with Easter, pray for opportunities for workers to talk of the message of the cross and the hope we have in Jesus in ways that can be heard and received by their Muslim friends. Pray that they would be able to speak truth with love. 

Growing Nations

Please pray for all those who have been affected by a major storm that passed through the Maphutseng valley in Lesotho last week, taking roofs off outbuildings and causing some damage to the Growing Nations site. Pray for a mission group who will be there for the next six weeks and for the staff team as they juggle responsibilities. 

Farm Quest

Give thanks for the LEAP team members who are learning together at Growing Nations in Lesotho. Pray that God will equip them for their future ministries and that they, along with the Farming Quest participants, will be able to use agriculture to reach the unreached in the countries that God has called them to.  

Mark and Hannah

The majority of the 80 people groups still waiting to hear the Easter message in Chad are Muslim groups situated in the north of the country, with the south containing the large Christian population. The local government in Chad has invited AIM, knowing we are a Christian organisation, into an area among an unreached Islamic people group to help run the local government centre. Pray for Mark and Hannah who will be joining this work. 

Martin and Joy Koch

In mid-February, Martin and Joy Koch met with Samburu elders to discuss whether they would be permitted to build an AIC Church building in Lchakwai. Only a few elders attended as the community coped with a drought. One elder was strongly opposed. It was decided another meeting would be called once the rain starts. Last week it began to rain! Pray that it will continue to rain, and that God would work in the hearts of the elders who are in opposition to the church. 

Chris and Sarah Power

Chris and Sarah Power are based in Kijabe, Kenya. Chris serves as the Personnel Officer for AIM Southern Region, and Sarah teaches at Rift Valley Academy. For the next few days they are travelling to Mayotte to visit friends and neighbours from when they served with AIM there previously. Please pray that they will be able to make the most of their time seeing others and be an encouragement to those they reconnect with. 

Matthias Schilling

Matthias Schilling is preparing to join a team in Torit, South Sudan in July. Please pray for him as he continues to raise support so that he can begin his assignment in the summer. Pray that God would provide the finances he needs at the right time. 


Ann works among an unreached people group in northern Chad, supporting a local church through Bible studies and treating mentally ill patients and those suffering from epilepsy in two church clinics. Please pray for Ann as she continues to learn the local language and for more opportunities to practice what she learns. Pray that she will be able to share her hope in Jesus with her language helpers. 

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