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Pray for the unreached Laarim people

Who are the Laarim?

The Laarim live in the Boya Hills of South Sudan, a rugged and hilly terrain with rich savanna, high grasslands and scrub bushes. They live in small settlements, with social and cultural life centred around cattle, with livestock being their only known natural resource. They breed them, eat their meat, use them as dowry to get a bride, drink their blood and milk, and sleep on their hides. Raiding and stealing of cattle is a question of honour and valor. Because of this, they are involved in long standing feuds with their neighbours.

What do they believe?

They practice African traditional religion with some Catholic influence. They are highly aware of spiritual forces, and believe in a supreme being who controls all of life, including the health of their cattle. They believe spirits of their departed ones roam the earth and they can communicate with them through prayers and offerings which they perform collectively in designated ritual places. They also believe in a rainmaker and perform rain-making rituals.

What is being done to reach them?

Jacob Borgelt has been living and working among the Laarim since 2013, discipling a small group of believers. Andrew Wallace joined him in 2015, and built relationships through a local school. An AIM Focus team, led by Phil and Linda Byler, started in August 2016. Team members from that team along with new member are continuing to share the gospel among the Laarim.

Prayer from AIM’s Daily Prayer:

Lisa Flach is a short term missionary serving among the Laarim in South Sudan. She has been using language-learning to build relationships with those around her and share her faith. Recently, she has been reading Bible stories to some of the local children and her language teacher has been helping her to translate more Bible stories into Laarim. Please pray that God would reveal himself to people through hearing his word. 

A Kenyan missionary working among the Laarim in South Sudan recently returned from Kenya to find that the situation in the area is dire because of food shortages. South Sudan is now in the dry season, where the needs for food are greater. Please pray for God’s mercy and provision for the Laarim during this dry season. 

Praise God for believers among the Laarim, and please pray that God will fill them with the knowledge of his will through all the wisdom and understanding that the Holy Spirit gives; that they will grow in the knowledge of God and bear fruit in every good work; and be strengthened with God’s power to have endurance and patience and joy (Colossians 1:9-12). 

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