Pray for African Diaspora prayer guide

This guide focuses on areas to help you and your church pray for the African diaspora living in the UK and Europe. “Pray for…” is designed to enrich your prayer life and help you engage more deeply with various topics.

Also Included: The UK government recently announced the Rwanda Asylum Plan. Under this plan, some asylum seekers who cross the Channel to the UK will be given a one-way ticket to Rwanda, with the pilot scheme focusing on single men arriving on boats or lorries. This resource also includes a number of prayers to help you reflect and pray for those effected by this new plan.

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Prayer from AIM’s Daily Prayer:

It can be easy to feel anxious stepping out of your comfort zone to reach out to those who are different from you. Please pray that Christians and their churches would be willing to overcome this obstacle to build relationships with people in African diaspora communities near them. Please pray that they would form friendships where they are able to talk about what they believe and share their hope in Jesus. 

Sandrine is a short term missionary serving in diaspora ministry in Montreal, Canada. She is involved with weekly food and clothing banks, monthly children’s clubs and English classes for immigrants. Please pray that she will show God’s love to those she meets and be able to speak of the hope she has in Jesus. 

Refugees often don’t choose where they are sent to when they move on from refugee camps, and although they are grateful to be out of danger they still grieve the loss of family, friends, culture, language and home. On top of this, they can frequently feel excluded by their new host country. Please pray that Christians in host countries will show generous hospitality to refugees driven by our faith, and please also pray for AIM’s Diaspora workers who are working to reach out to refugees and encourage local churches in this ministry as well.  

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