Pray for the unreached Karimojong people

Who are the Karimojong people?

The Karimojong live in Karamoja, northeast Uganda. Historically they have been marginalised and ignored. This isolation is brought about through their reputed fierceness. Until recently, they have been defined by high levels of internal conflict and cattle raiding, leading to them being widely feared. This, along with Karimojong resistance to agriculture, has contributed to a general lack of development. More recently Karamoja has been considered to be a safe area, and the Ugandan government are encouraging the Karimojong to engage in farming practices.

What do they believe?

While many of the Karimojong will say that they are ‘Christian’, this is usually not a reflection of a transformed life. For the most part, Christianity is viewed as another way to protect oneself from evil or to bring prosperity, alongside their existing African religions. The Karimojong are a religious people, believing in spirits and many gods. Primarily they believe in a supreme god, but this god is mysterious, not personal, and is responsible for bringing evil into the world as well as good. 

What is being done to reach them?

There are currently two Focus teams that started at the beginning of 2017, one based in Moroto (led by Lyle and Ingrid Lathrop), and one based in Kotido. Both teams will be working in varying ministry platforms and venues, building relationships, modelling incarnational living and making disciples. They will also be mobilising local churches to reach the unreached among the Karimojong.  

Prayer from AIM’s Daily Prayer:

Paul and Helen work in Kotido, Uganda, among the Karimojong, serving through healthcare whilst working with the local church. “We have seen a lot of deaths of children the last 2 weeks mainly due to anaemia (destruction of the red blood cells) from malaria which has been tragic. There are many factors leading to this; there’s no blood in Karamoja at the moment due to countrywide shortages due to COVID, families are really poor at the moment as the harvest has not quite come and we’re in our 9th month of a livestock sale ban (main source of income for the Karimojong) due to foot and mouth disease, so they are coming late to seek healthcare and the underfunded health system is dealing with 2 epidemics (COVID + cholera). Pray the deaths will stop, the families will seek healthcare early, that the livestock ban will be lifted, that cholera cases will decline and for the health system -blood, staff, COVID etc. A Christian family Paul visited on Thurs, Jonah and Christine, have lost 2 children in the last month – a premature baby and a 2 yr old from malaria – pray for them. Pray that God will hold them fast and make his presence known in their darkness, that in the depths of their pain they wouldn’t let go of the hope they have in Christ.”

Caroline is currently on Home Assignment in the UK and will return to Uganda when possible. “In my last prayer letter I wrote that I was hopeful I might be able to return to Uganda in August or September. I am still in the UK, with no clear idea of when I will be able to return. As I face being here potentially for several more months I have been exploring the possibility of studying one (or two) modules online from All Nations Christian College. An advantage of being able to study online is that if I return to Uganda before the module is completed, I can continue to participate from Moroto. Please pray for wisdom and leading from the Lord on how to use my time as I wait to be able to return to Uganda. Please pray for increased trust, contentment and patience in the waiting.”

“Pray for the cholera outbreak – there’s been over 100 cases now and at least 10 deaths. However because the local government hasn’t managed to get a sample to the main Uganda laboratory for confirmatory tests the outbreak has not been declared and government/WHO response is still minimal. Pray this week it can be confirmed and the various support from government/NGOs can come to contain this outbreak, pray for the staff we work with who working very hard to care for the patients and pray that the community education regarding water safety is adhered to. Covid is also starting to rapidly increase in Uganda and we’re in the peak of our malaria season which will only increase pressure on the health system here.”

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