Pray for Chad

Please pray for the unfolding situation in Chad. We thought it was easiest to share information in the form of the timeline. The most recent information is nearest the top. 

We have also prepared a PowerPoint slide for you to share in your church or house group as appropriate. To download please click the ‘Get resource’ link.

  • 4th May. On Sunday evening the Military Council announced the creation of a new transitionary government with 40 members. Of course, not everybody is in it who might have wanted to be. Pray that it will be a government ‘of reconciliation’ as one member has said, accepted by all, and that there will be much mutual forgiveness. Continue to pray for peace and justice. It seems possible that expat workers working with AIM might be able to return to their homes. Pray that this might be so and for good renewal of ministry. 
  • 29th April. After a day filled with tension and protests yesterday, the leaders of the protest movements have decided to give the military council five days to deliberate and respond to their demands of a return to civilian rule. This means we are looking at this coming Sunday/Monday as a marker to see how the military council responds. It seems the speaker for the rebel group has declared a solidarity with the protesters on this and they too will refrain from any action until the military council responds. This is encouraging news and behoves us to be praying for these next days, that the military council will respond wisely.

  • 27th April. The Military Council have named leaders to help with transition including a prime minister who was the main opposition candidate for the elections. This seems positive but today some who feel there should have been dialogue before these appointments have organised peaceful demonstrations. The Military Council have banned demonstrations and we are already hearing stories of tear gas, gunfire and burning tyres.

    The rebels are apparently routed and the Military Council is refusing talks with them.

  • 22nd – 25th April. President Déby was buried Friday after an official ceremony attended by 13 heads of state including President Macron of France. The transitionary Military Council have reduced the time of their rule from 18 to 10 months but are being encouraged to hold talks immediately about how to transfer to civilian rule. The rebels are saying they want a ceasefire and opportunity to talk with the Military Council. We pray that talks among all parties will take place and the Military Council will accept cease fire.

    Many missionaries in N’djamena have decided to leave temporarily for a break because of the uncertainty and being unable to maintain ministries while others are hunkering down awaiting certain peace. In the East where it’s calm several are staying in a big city and just restarting ministry again after five days of staying in their homes. Travel to more remote areas is not yet allowed.

  • 21st April. Overnight the situation was calm and peaceful. The majority of the AIM team are intending to ‘shelter in place’ in one location and therefore be in a better position to evacuate from should the need arise and should it become possible. At the moment, the plan is still ‘hibernation’, not evacuation. Our Crisis Consultant is meeting regularly with representatives from like-minded organisations with personnel in Chad for briefing and analysis.

  • 20th April. Major news sources confirm the death the Chadian President, Idriss Déby, from injuries sustained in the recent battle against rebel forces that were advancing toward the capital. Mr Déby’s son, Mahamat Idriss Déby Itno, a 37-year-old four star general, will govern through a military council for the next 18 months but “free and democratic” elections will be held once the transition period is over, the army said in its statement. All members of the Chad Unit are under stay at home advice. They are monitoring the situation, specifically how the public responds, and how the transition of power is handled. Curfew has been declared from 6pm to 5am and all borders are closed until further notice. 

  • 19th April. There are confirmed clashes between rebel and government forces 300km to the north of N’Djamena. Provisional election results are announced, they project that President Idriss Déby will win a sixth term in office. AIM’s Chad Unit continue to follow contingency plans and up their security level, meaning all personnel located in the capital city are told to remain at home.

  • 12th April – 18th April. Rebels make progress southwards to the capital city, N’Djamena. Several Western governments evacuate non-essential staff and strongly encourage their citizens to leave Chad as soon as possible on commercial flights. 

  • 11th April. Presidential elections are held in Chad. These are controversial as the incumbent President Idriss Déby adapts the constitution to run for a sixth term, however there has never been a peaceful transfer of power in Chad. Rebel activity is detected on Chad’s northern border.


Prayer from AIM’s Daily Prayer:

Please continue to pray for Chad. On Tuesday the re-elected President died after being injured last weekend while visiting troops battling rebels in the north of the country. A military council led by the President’s son, Mahamat Idriss Déby, will govern for the next 18 months. Please pray for peace and good government in Chad, and protection of its people. Pray that God will give wisdom to AIM’s leadership and Ann, Paul and other missionaries in the country to know the best action to take in this situation. For up-to-date information  click here.

Please pray for the presidential election expected to be held in Chad today. Pray that the election will be peaceful and fair, and that the elected President will serve with wisdom, integrity and humility.

Ann continues her psychiatric work in the local hospital. She is not seeing many patients, even though the rainy season has finished and the roads are passable: “Please pray that relatives of these people, who are often very troubled by their illness, would recognise their suffering and make the effort to bring them to see me and not only a few times until they are improved but for many years. Please pray also for the district’s new medical officer and his leadership of the local hospital and health centres. Pray that he can ensure that the resources of the hospital are efficiently used and that patients will be attracted back to the hospital.”

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