News: Sanga Sanga Development

The Institute of Bible & Ministry in Tanzania was originally a programme of seminars in rented rooms, but now has its home at the ever-growing site at Sanga Sanga.

A strategic platform

The development at Sanga Sanga is designed to provide a strategic platform to encourage and support Tanzanian pastors and evangelists. The plan is that the facilities will provide a place where they can engage with indigenous theological, cultural and development issues that confront them.


The retreat house at Sanga sanga

AIM mission partner, Matt Dixon from St David’s, Moreton-in-Marsh, is the Construction Manager and assists in the development of the Institute’s plans, including the construction of a conference hall, seminar room and library facilities, 100 bed accommodation, workshop, demonstration farm and gift and coffee shop.

What’s happened so far?

The first task was to create easy entry and provide access to water via water wells and a water storage tower. After that, a house for the caretaker, was constructed from shipping containers, then storage facilities, office, workshop and a temporary classroom were built. Then, work began in earnest on the retreat house which has been built from locally burnt brick. The house accommodates 13 in en-suite twin-bedded rooms. The surrounding area has also been developed into camping facilities, as a means of generating revenue for the Institute, as well as meeting the needs of passing travellers.

All of this, plus establishing a reliable electricity source, was achieved by January 2015. The team at the Institute are now working on the next phase, the development of the conference hall and offices; this will be a single storey building with a separate canteen with car parking outside. In addition a gift and coffee shop and toilet facilities will be constructed near the entrance to the site.


Many students give much time to prayer and discussion concerning on-going pastoral challenges.

Much to do

The Dixons share; ‘Matt has much to do in way of brooding over plans and contractors’ tenders and ‘small’ matters like ensuring the foundations for the 20x40m conference centre are more than sufficient to last the years in African sun and torrential rains. The annual pastors seminar for the Institute of Bible and Ministry was hosted at Sanga Sanga recently, with a record of 80 delegates. The pump house could barely hold all these people highlighting the need for the conference centre.’

For updates on the progress of construction, visit the Dixons’ website:

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