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Pray for the unreached Lesotho shepherds

Who are the Lesotho shepherds?

The shepherds live high in the mountains of Lesotho – the Kingdom in the Sky – caring for flocks and herds, which belong to wealthy owners down in the valleys. They live in marginalised, isolated communities outside the reach of the local churches. From five and six years old, these boys and young men work away from their families with no education or literacy skills. But they have a very well-developed oral culture of songs and stories, which are handed down from generation to generation.

What do they believe?

Shepherds are deeply grounded in the ancestor cult and witchcraft. They are seldom welcome in churches and lack the literacy skills to be integrated into church services and ministries, but they have given a warm invitation to an AIM TIMO (Training In Ministry Outreach) team. The chief shepherd said, ‘I’ve heard of missionaries going to my home village, but I have always felt left out. But now you are coming to us, we are very happy!’

What is being done to reach them?

In order to tell them the good news of Jesus, a TIMO (Training In Ministry Outreach) team of young men went to live among the shepherds for two years. They worked with the shepherds as apprentices and lived in very harsh conditions, as the shepherds do. The team ended in 2016, and they saw several shepherds give their lives to Christ. Caleb and Tobias, who were part of the team, are continuing life and ministry among the shepherds.

Prayer from AIM’s Daily Prayer:

We couldn’t wish to bring any better news than this… four shepherds in the last few weeks have given their lives to Christ!… Please pray as often as you can for Thabile, Semora, Chaile and Pele-pele. Pray that the Holy Spirit has truly convicted them of sin, allowed their hearts to know Jesus and that the seed of the gospel has truly found good soil!… The party in heaven may have taken place, but a battle now lies ahead for these young men. They face opposition from their families and ostracism from their community as they stop partaking in ancestral feasts and initiation ceremonies. They will struggle to grow in faith in a country with so few Bible-believing churches… Please pray for great wisdom and language skill for the team as they begin discipling Thabile, Semora, Chaile and Pele-Pele. Also pray for wisdom for us and the team in how they can model Christian gatherings (church) even in the extreme culture and geography that they live in!

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