March 3, 2017

Verena Schafroth

Lichinga is the capital of the northern province of Niassa and home to the Yao people group. A small revival has happened over the last few years amongst the Yao and the first generation of churches have been planted. Now, these churches need much prayer and the guidance of the Spirit so that they can pass on the good news in their local context. These new Christians also need pastors, who can support them with sound biblical advice and lead them into a deeper understanding of Christ. This is where the Instituto Teológico de Lichinga comes into play: It is the first bible school in the province and aims particularly at supporting the needs of these new churches so that they are empowered to reach the rest of the province for Christ. When I talked to the team in Lichinga it became obvious that God could really use my gifts and knowledge there. The team had already prayed a long time for someone who could help them with the organisation and curriculum design of the bible school – all things I learnt during my PhD studies. In the end, it didn’t take long to decide to move to Lichinga to help establish the new bible school there. I will still be in Pemba until August and will then begin the work in Lichinga after my home assignment from September to January (I’ll be in the UK in October).” Praise God for this opportunity for Verena to serve the local church in Lichinga through her gifts, and please pray for her as she prepares to move to Lichinga next year.

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