April 18, 2019

Sheona Chisholm

“Part of my job is co-ordinating the comings and goings of our new ABS missionaries. When I have confirmed dates for any of our new staff, I will arrange their initial few days here in Nairobi… I will arrange an airport pick up, then they are taken to (usually) our guest house here in Nairobi… If the missionary is a short termer, I will meet with them, take them to a shopping mall close to Mayfield, organise SIM cards, money, and shopping for initial supplies and have a coffee and discussion and answer any questions. I will then take them to their accommodation and to meet with their new team leader or co-workers. If they are a long term missionary they are encouraged to come at least two days before they go to Africa Based Orientation (ABO).” Please pray for Sheona’s work in welcoming ABS’ new missionaries and helping them to settle in to life in Kenya.

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