December 9, 2016

Russ & Lyn Noble

On a recent Sunday in the little AIC church on the edge of town where we worship Pastor Lolik spoke on James 5:7-11. The translation for the Juba Arabic word “sobur” for perseverance came out as ‘’patience”. Patience! Some South Sudanese are amazing at this! But many without the Lord look so forlorn and fearful during these days. Thousands are migrating out of the country to become refugees again for the second and some the third time in their lives… We continue work with those who remain. Lyn recently spoke at the AIC [Africa Inland Church] women’s workshop on the subject of HIV – how we do and don’t get it and the Christian response to it. People are still so frightened by it. There is a good VCT [voluntary counselling and testing] clinic at the government hospital in town with free testing and ARV [antiretroviral] treatment for the rest of their lives paid for by Unicef. Many women get HIV from their husbands. With the increasing number of soldiers, rape is a great problem to women. Women were encouraged to not be afraid of, but to visit and help, those known to have HIV and share God’s words with them and, if in doubt about their status, go and get tested too.” Please pray for protection for women during the current time of unrest in South Sudan, and that the women of the Church in South Sudan will show God’s mercy and compassion to other women who suffer with HIV selflessly and without fear.

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