June 13, 2019

Matt & Amy Dixon

The Dixons will return to the UK and finish their assignment in July. On Sunday Amy wrote: “Yesterday we had our first farewell event at Sanga Sanga, hosted by Matt and I on the campsite to say thank you and farewell to about 100 folks, parents, staff and children, from the children’s school. It was a wonderful bring and share brunch. This morning we went to Kiloka Church and shared the morning service with these faithful servants in this rural village and then shared a bowl of beans and rice. This was also a very special and emotional time to say goodbye. We have more goodbyes over the next few weekends; we have goodbyes with the Sunday school teachers others from our church this coming Thursday, the ladies prayer breakfast ladies next Saturday morning, saying goodbye to Matt’s right hand man, Peter and his family next Saturday afternoon, The main AICT church in Morogoro next Sunday morning and the staff at Sanga Sanga next Sunday afternoon. Please pray for us to number our days and our moments in our days and enjoy what we have with the people here while we have it. Time is going so shockingly fast now that we need to savour the moments and not lose them worrying over things that are out of our control. We really want good goodbyes and good handovers with each person where possible.”

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