March 13, 2015

Mat & Katy Linley

“…there are two tropical storms straddling Madagascar at present. This means that many patients who finally arrive at the hospital have amazing and sometimes tragic stories of how they got here…This morning, a team of people arrived carrying a woman in labour who had been having seizures due to eclampsia. This team, taking it in turns to carry the stretcher, had run for 13 hours through the storm last night to get here. Although the baby was already dead the young woman is doing well. Two other teenage girls are on the maternity ward with her – they had both been in obstructed labour for four days before they got here. Marie, age 15, needed a hysterectomy. While she was in the operating theatre, the fourteen people who had brought her to the hospital were collapsed outside, recovering from their journey. Their action certainly saved her life and Dr Adrien spoke to them after the operation about this and about the One who can save them for eternity. There are countless other stories like this – of families desperately trying to get here, attempting to cross rivers and make their way through thick, deep mud.”

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