October 9, 2020

Kathleen Burns

“… I am definitely feeling more settled and more confident in this new role [as Short Term Coordinator]. There is still so much to learn, so please continue to pray for me… We had quite a few short termers who had planned to come to Central Region this year but due to the Covid pandemic, they have had to delay. A few of them have had to cancel their trip completely but others are just waiting for the situation to settle. In some ways, not having the new short termers come has allowed me time to learn the administration part of my new role, which has been great. However, I am really keen to begin receiving these short termers on the field and to begin putting names to faces.” Please pray for Kathleen as she continues to get to grips with her role as Short Term Coordinator, and for the many short term missionaries who are waiting for their assignments to start.

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