August 28, 2020

Sheona Chisholm

Sheona was, until recently, serving as Personnel Coordinator for Africa Based Support in Nairobi, Kenya. She will soon be taking up a voluntary role with AIM in Scotland. “On the 6th of July, my Mum sadly passed away. We had thought we would lose her around six weeks before as she had felt abandoned as we weren’t allowed to visit the home, due to the government’s Covid-19 ruling. Thankfully the home recognised that she was going downhill, so we were allowed in to see her, which we did on a daily basis, she initially seemed to turn the corner, the home think due to us visiting, but I also think due to prayer. Sadly she deteriorated further and passed away into the arms of her Saviour very peacefully. In these special weeks that we had with Mum, we spent a lot of time in prayer with her/ singing with her and just being with her, and we as a family are very thankful that we did manage to be with her.” Please pray for Sheona and her family as they grieve the loss of her Mum.

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