April 9, 2020

Jessica Goldschmidt

“This is a rather unusual time that has brought changes to many people’s lives. You can imagine that most people here, and probably in many places in this world, don’t have savings that can hold them through a season like this! All “non-essential” services are no longer permitted. The huge number of motorcycle taxis can no longer carry passengers. They may only offer delivery services. What about the people who used to stand at given places with a shovel or other tool, waiting for a truck to come by and give them a job for the day? The Cabinet has extended the existing measures for an additional two weeks taking us to the end of Sunday, April 19th and after that, we don’t know yet. Additionally to this already particular time, today [7th April] marks the beginning of the genocide commemoration period in Rwanda that took place 26 years… Please pray for the people for whom this time is really challenging, that they would have the necessary food, water, and other basics; and that I would know how and with whom to share.”

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