September 18, 2020

Hervé and Nathalia Ramangalahy

Hervé and Nathalia Ramangalahy are new members of AIM, about to take up their first assignment in Madagascar. “God is great! We’re going to be able to leave!! Saturday September 19th, we will fly to Antananarivo. We moved to Burdignin less than three weeks ago, thinking of staying there until the official opening of the Malagasy borders (not before October). After an initial refusal, Madagascar agreed to grant us seats on a special repatriation flight for the whole family. What a surprise! We are convinced that this is really an answer to prayers! Thank you Lord! The countdown has then started to settle all the administrative procedures before our departure! After about 14 hours of travel, we will arrive in the capital: Antananarivo. We will have to go to a hotel for a 4 days confinement. Then, we will join Hervé’s family – whom we are looking forward to see again! – and we will make the procedures to transform our visas into long-term residence permits. After around 2 weeks in Tana, we will be able to leave for Nosy Be.”

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