April 13, 2018


“Ever since I started working with TCKs (Third Culture Kids), giving them tools to handle their feelings has been a passion of mine. I have lots to learn about the depth of this, but so far have come to the conclusion that looking at Jesus’ response to Biblical characters’ feelings is a great place to start! Jesus consistently loved, comforted and protected His own. He also forgave them when they made the wrong choices in response to their feelings. John 21, where Jesus asks Peter ‘Do you love me?’ 3 times, is a beautiful picture of Him coming to us again and again. Amazing…If you teach children the Bible in any capacity, you will know the responsibility and privilege that comes with that…and [I] would be grateful if you would pray for these things for me: Pray that God speaks directly to the hearts of each of my 14 students as we study Ephesians this April-May; Pray for the students who struggle with self-esteem – pray that they can come to a deep understanding that Jesus loves them and has a plan for their lives; Pray that the Holy Spirit will help me to model being patient and kind, especially on the hot, tired days!”

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