October 7, 2016

Georgette Short

When I returned to Scotland in December last year I fully expected to go back to Kenya. But in talking to a counsellor and my GP and praying about what to do, it became clear that the Lord wanted me to stay in Scotland. He spoke to me very clearly one Sunday in church, and after that reinforced his leading that I should not go back to Kenya full-time in a number of ways. It was quite a difficult decision to make, since Kenya had become my second home, but the Lord’s leading was so clear that I couldn’t do anything but stay here. As I got used to the idea I realised that it was what I wanted too and I have felt very much at peace about it… I will be going out to Kenya from September 26th till October 19th to pack up my belongings and say good-bye. It will be hard, but I am looking forward to seeing people I have become close to again and it will allow me to finish well. I also hope that I might be able to go out to Kenya from time to time in the future to teach intensive courses if opportunities open up. Without really looking for something to do in Scotland, the Lord has opened up the way for me to work at Tilsley College in Motherwell. Tilsley is a small college which is part of Gospel Literature Outreach and trains people in mission both in the UK and overseas. The Academic Dean is going on sabbatical from January to June next year and they asked me to take up his role for that period. I will still be under AIM and supported through them for that period. I don’t know what will happen after that but I am sure the Lord has plans for that too.” Thank God for his leading and guiding Georgette in this next step, and please pray for her as she returns to Kenya to tie up things there and prepares to work at Tilsley College next year.

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