March 13, 2015


“You may remember that we showed the Jesus Film in Lchakwai. Since then, we’ve had another two big showings, one in Raragon where Jacob and Amy [fellow team members] live, and another in Moru with our neighbours. Many families requested to see it again! So Josh [another team member] and I have been taking the film to individual homes to watch. Often our boys who usually come to our house in the evening came to watch the film again and again in whoever’s home we were in. Not only can they quote whole sections of the film now, but they could explain what was going on to people who were watching it for the first time and didn’t understand what was going on. The place of choice to watch it? On top of the pile of goat poop! It’s actually pretty comfortable. Pray that the words and stories from the film will stay with the people and go deep.”

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