June 21, 2019

Barry & Heather Mann

Barry & Heather are currently in the UK on Medical Leave. “Heather has now been discharged by her oncologist. When we saw him, he was very pleased with the way the all the treatment had gone & confirmed that Heather’s prognosis was very good, especially given the complete response she had through the chemotherapy, with no sign of any cancer cells remaining… We are planning an extended visit to Lesotho for two months. We both feel that this is a critical time for Growing Nations and being on the ground will hopefully make communication and final donor reporting far easier. We hope the trip will also help us to establish ‘What next’ for us. Are we still needed at Growing Nations, especially after being away for the past 15 months? If we are needed, in what capacity will that be, will our roles be different and will we be able to take on other work for AIM? Alternatively, are there other roles away from Lesotho that God is calling us to? We would certainly value your continued prayers for God’s guidance & leading in all of these things.”

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